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1 of 2) Penance, Penitence, Repentance : ندامت, پچھتاوا, پشیمانی : (noun) remorse for your past conduct.

Related : Self-Reproach : a feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed).


2 of 2) Penance, Self-Abasement, Self-Mortification : کفارہ : (noun) voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing.

Related : Punishment : the act of punishing.

Useful Words

Atone, Repent : توبہ کرنا : turn away from sin or do penitence. "All humans can atone for their sins before they see unseen and their soul is grabbed".

Behavior, Behaviour, Conduct, Doings : چال چلن : manner of acting or controlling yourself. "You are recognized by what you wear and by your behavior with folks".

Enjoin, Order, Say, Tell : حکم دینا : give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority. "I said to him to go home".

By, Past : پاس سے : so as to pass a given point. "Every hour a train goes past".

Penalisation, Penalization, Penalty, Punishment : سزا دینا : the act of punishing.

Compunction, Remorse, Self-Reproach : پچھتاوا : a feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed). "I have no remorse anymore".

Self : اپنی ذات : (used as a combining form) relating to--of or by or to or from or for--the self. "Self-knowledge".

Some : تھوڑا : relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent. "May I have some words with you?".

Voluntary : آزادی کے ساتھ : of your own free will or design; done by choice; not forced or compelled. "Man is a voluntary agent".

Actus Reus, Misconduct, Wrongdoing, Wrongful Conduct : غلط عمل : activity that transgresses moral or civil law. "He denied any wrongdoing".

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