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Penthouse meaning in Urdu

Penthouse Sentence

Penthouse available on rent.

Penthouse Definitions

1) Penthouse : رہنے کی جگہ, بلاخانہ : (noun) a luxurious apartment or living space that is situated on the top floor or roof of a building, often offering scenic views. Penthouse apartments are known for their exclusivity, spaciousness, and high-end amenities.


Useful Words

Studio : فلیٹ گھر , Attic : بالا خانہ , Apartment : فلیٹ , High-Rise : اونچی , Walk-Up : ایسی عمارت س میں لفٹ موجود نہ ہو , Subocular : آنکھ کے نیچے , Door : گزر گاہ , Roof Garden : مکان کی چھت پر لگایا گیا باغیچہ , Upstairs : اوپر والی منزل کا , Walk-Through : گزرنے کی جگہ , Room : کمرہ , Glasshouse : پودوں کی نرسری , Chimney : چمنی , Elevator : لفٹ , Dorm : کالج یونیورسٹی میں رہنے کا کمرہ , Balcony : بالکنی , Marble : سنگ مرمر , Entresol : دو چھتی , Luxuriously : عیش سے , Limo : ایک موٹر کار , Pullman : آرام دہ کار , Alps : پہاڑی سلسلہ , Concierge : دربان , Rental : کرایہ داری سے متعلق , Adjacent : اگلا , Railroad Flat : لمبا کمرہ یا گھر , Redecorate : دوبارہ سجانا یا آراستہ کرنا , Tenement : رہائش کے لیے کوئی کم سےکم قیمت مکان یا فلیٹ , Maisonette : چھوٹا گھر , Festal : مستی بھرا , Unaccommodating : نامدد گار

Useful Words Definitions

Studio: an apartment with a living space and a bathroom and a small kitchen.

Attic: floor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof; often used for storage.

Apartment: a suite of rooms usually on one floor of an apartment house.

High-Rise: tower consisting of a multistoried building of offices or apartments.

Walk-Up: an apartment in a building without an elevator.

Subocular: situated on or below the floor of the eye socket.

Door: the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close.

Roof Garden: a garden on a flat roof of a building.

Upstairs: the part of a building above the ground floor.

Walk-Through: a pedestrian passageway through the ground floor of a building.

Room: an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling.

Glasshouse: a building with glass walls and roof; for the cultivation and exhibition of plants under controlled conditions.

Chimney: a vertical flue that provides a path through which smoke from a fire is carried away through the wall or roof of a building.

Elevator: lifting device consisting of a platform or cage that is raised and lowered mechanically in a vertical shaft in order to move people from one floor to another in a building.

Dorm: a college or university building containing living quarters for students.

Balcony: an upper floor projecting from the rear over the main floor in an auditorium.

Marble: a hard crystalline metamorphic rock that takes a high polish; used for sculpture and as building material.

Entresol: intermediate floor just above the ground floor.

Luxuriously: in an indulgently luxurious manner.

Limo: large luxurious car; usually driven by a chauffeur.

Pullman: luxurious passenger car; for day or night travel.

Alps: a large mountain system in south-central Europe; scenic beauty and winter sports make them a popular tourist attraction.

Concierge: a French caretaker of apartments or a hotel; lives on the premises and oversees people entering and leaving and handles mail and acts as janitor or porter.

Rental: the act of paying for the use of something (as an apartment or house or car).

Adjacent: nearest in space or position; immediately adjoining without intervening space.

Railroad Flat: an apartment whose rooms are all in a line with doors between them.

Redecorate: redo the decoration of an apartment or house.

Tenement: a run-down apartment house barely meeting minimal standards.

Maisonette: a self-contained apartment (usually on two floors) in a larger house and with its own entrance from the outside.

Festal: offering fun and gaiety.

Unaccommodating: offering no assistance.

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