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Peplos meaning in Urdu

Peplos Synonyms

Peplos Definitions

1) Peplos, Peplum, Peplus : وہ کپڑا جو قدیم یونان میں عورتیں پہنا کرتی تھی : (noun) a garment worn by women in ancient Greece; cloth caught at the shoulders and draped in folds to the waist.


Useful Words

Apron : پیش بند , Diaper : لنگوٹ , Haick : عمامہ , Skirt : دامن , Saree : ہندوستانی لباس , Scarf : دوپٹا , Stole : چنری , Reversible : وہ کپڑا جس کا الٹا سیدھا کچھ نہ ہو , Aba : عرب مردوں کا لباس , Wimple : خواتین کا سر ڈھانپنے کا کپڑا , Burka : برقہ , Rebozo : مفلر , Body Suit : ایک قسم کا چست لباس جو ناچ کے لئے پہنا جاتا ہے , Aegean : بحر ایجیئن , Cloak : عبایہ , Pant : پتلون , Farthingale : ایک قسم کا لباس یورپی عورتوں کا , Shawl : شال , Dolman : ایک قسم کی جیکٹ , Liner : کپڑوں کے اندر استعمال ہونے والا کپڑا , Belt Bag : کمر بیگ , Underpants : زیر جامہ , Arm : آستین , Mess Jacket : کمر تک کی مردانہ جیکٹ جو کھانے وغیرہ کی تقریب میں پہنی جاتی ہے , Undergarment : زیر جامہ , Agora : قدیم یونانی بازار , Nightcap : سوتے وقت سر پر پہنے کا کپڑا , Bathing Costume : تیراکی کے کپڑے , Vest : صدری , Shirt : قمیض , Agora : قدیم یونانی اجتماع گاہ

Useful Words Definitions

Apron: a garment of cloth or leather or plastic that is tied about the waist and worn to protect your clothing.

Diaper: garment consisting of a folded cloth drawn up between the legs and fastened at the waist; worn by infants to catch excrement.

Haick: an outer garment consisting of a large piece of white cloth; worn by men and women in northern Africa.

Skirt: cloth covering that forms the part of a garment below the waist.

Saree: a dress worn primarily by Hindu women; consists of several yards of light material that is draped around the body.

Scarf: a garment worn around the head or neck or shoulders for warmth or decoration.

Stole: a wide scarf worn about their shoulders by women.

Reversible: a garment (especially a coat) that can be worn inside out (with either side of the cloth showing).

Aba: a loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth; worn by Arabs.

Wimple: headdress of cloth; worn over the head and around the neck and ears by medieval women.

Burka: a loose garment (usually with veiled holes for the eyes) worn by Muslim women especially in India and Pakistan.

Rebozo: a long woolen or linen scarf covering the head and shoulders (also used as a sling for holding a baby); traditionally worn by Latin-American women.

Body Suit: a tight-fitting garment of stretchy material that covers the body from the shoulders to the thighs (and may have long sleeves or legs reaching down to the ankles); worn by ballet dancers and acrobats for practice or performance.

Aegean: an arm of the Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey; a main trade route for the ancient civilizations of Crete and Greece and Rome and Persia.

Cloak: a loose outer garment that hangs loosely from the shoulders.

Pant: (usually in the plural) a garment extending from the waist to the knee or ankle, covering each leg separately.

Farthingale: a hoop worn beneath a skirt to extend it horizontally; worn by European women in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Shawl: cloak consisting of an oblong piece of cloth used to cover the head and shoulders.

Dolman: a hussar`s jacket worn over the shoulders.

Liner: a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment.

Belt Bag: a small pouch (usually with a zipper) that attaches to a belt and is worn around the waist.

Underpants: an undergarment that covers the body from the waist no further than to the thighs; usually worn next to the skin.

Arm: the part of a garment that is attached at the armhole and that provides a cloth covering for the arm.

Mess Jacket: waist-length jacket tapering to a point at the back; worn by officers in the mess for formal dinners.

Undergarment: a garment worn under other garments.

Agora: the marketplace in ancient Greece.

Nightcap: a cloth cap worn in bed.

Bathing Costume: tight fitting garment worn for swimming.

Vest: a man`s sleeveless garment worn underneath a coat.

Shirt: a garment worn on the upper half of the body.

Agora: a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece.

Related Words

Garment : لباس

پرسوں ملو