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Per Annum meaning in Urdu

Per Annum Sentence

He earned $100,000 per annum.

Per Annum Synonyms


Per Annum Definitions

1) Per Annum, Annually, Each Year, P.A., Per Year : ہر سال, ہر سال میں, سالانہ : (adverb) by the year; every year (usually with reference to a sum of money paid or received).

We issue six volumes per annum.

Useful Words

Hebrew Calendar : یہودی کیلنڈر , Adar : یہودیوں کا بارہواں مہینہ , Ab : گیارہواں کلیسائی مہینہ اور پانچواں موسوی مہینہ , Julian Calendar : جولینی کیلنڈر , 365 Days : عام سال , Biannually : سال میں دو دفہ , Biyearly : سال میں دوبار , Biennial : ہر دو سال بعد , Pullet : مرغی کا بچہ , Soph : دوسرے سال کا طالب علم , Hogmanay : سال کی آخری شام , Annually : سالانہ , Brocket : سرخ ہرن دو سالہ , Off Year : جس سال کاروبار کم ہو , Biannual : سال میں دو دفہ , Pricket : نر ہرن , Year-Around : سال بھر , Hog : جوان بھیڑ , New Year : نیا سال , Dec : سال کا آخری مہینہ , Annual : سالانہ , Leveret : خرگوش کا ایک سالہ بچہ , Semester : چھ ماہ کی مدت کا عرصہ , Calendar Month : ماہ , Sabbatical Year : سبتی سال , Semester : چھ ماہ کی مدت کا عرصہ , Annual : سالانہ , Triennial : جو تین سال کے بعد واقع ہو , Spring-Clean : ایک سال میں پورا گھر صاف کرنا , Calendar : جنتری , Yearling : جانور جس کی عمر ایک سال ہو

Useful Words Definitions

Hebrew Calendar: (Judaism) the calendar used by the Jews; dates from 3761 BC (the assumed date of the Creation of the world); a lunar year of 354 days is adjusted to the solar year by periodic leap years.

Adar: the sixth month of the civil year; the twelfth month of the ecclesiastic year in the Jewish calendar (in February and March).

Ab: the eleventh month of the civil year; the fifth month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar (in July and August).

Julian Calendar: the solar calendar introduced in Rome in 46 b.c. by Julius Caesar and slightly modified by Augustus, establishing the 12-month year of 365 days with each 4th year having 366 days and the months having 31 or 30 days except for February.

365 Days: a year that is not a leap year.

Biannually: twice a year.

Biyearly: twice a year.

Biennial: occurring every second year.

Pullet: young hen usually less than a year old.

Soph: a second-year undergraduate.

Hogmanay: New Year`s Eve in Scotland.

Annually: without missing a year.

Brocket: male red deer in its second year.

Off Year: a year in which productivity is low or inferior.

Biannual: occurring or payable twice each year.

Pricket: male deer in his second year.

Year-Around: operating or continuing throughout the year.

Hog: a sheep up to the age of one year; one yet to be sheared.

New Year: the calendar year just begun.

Dec: the last (12th) month of the year.

Annual: occurring or payable every year.

Leveret: a young hare especially one in its first year.

Semester: one of two divisions of an academic year.

Calendar Month: one of the twelve divisions of the calendar year.

Sabbatical Year: a sabbatical leave lasting one year.

Semester: half a year; a period of 6 months.

Annual: completing its life cycle within a year.

Triennial: occurring every third year or lasting 3 years.

Spring-Clean: thoroughly clean the entire house, often done only once a year.

Calendar: a tabular array of the days (usually for one year).

Yearling: a racehorse considered one year old until the second Jan. 1 following its birth.

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