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Persecution meaning in Urdu

Persecution Definitions

1) Persecution : ایذا رسائی, تکلیف دہی : (noun) the act of persecuting (especially on the basis of race or religion).


Useful Words

Anti-Semite : امتیازی , Constantine : اٹلی کا ایک قدیم حاکم , Segregate : نسلی یا مذہبی بنیاد پر الگ کیا ہوا , Demobilisation : فوجی خدمت سے فراغت , Repechage : اضافی آزمائشی مقابلہ , Stake Race : وہ گھڑ دوڑ جس میں مالک روپے فراہم کرتا ھے , Religiously : مذہبی طور سے , Coreligionist : ہم مذہب , Apostate : غدار , Bachelor Of Divinity : علم دین میں جامعہ کی طرف سے دی جانے والی سند , Churchgoing : عبادت گزار عیسائی , Hades : عالم برزخ , Profane : لادینی , Irreligionist : بے دین , Orthodoxy : مذہبی کٹر پن , Irreligious : غیر مذہبی , Religious Rite : مذہبی رسم , Jewish : یہودی , Sacred : پاک , Dead Heat : دوڑ میں برابر ہونا , Baseless : بے بنیاد , Believably : یقینی طور پر , Criterial : کسوٹی , Heresy : عقیدے سے انحراف , Conforming : مقلد , Religious : مذہب سے متعلق , Shinto : جاپان کا قدیم مذہب , Adherence : پیروکاری , Holy Roller : مذہبی شخص , Secularism : لادینیت , Foot Race : دوڑ

Useful Words Definitions

Anti-Semite: discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion.

Constantine: was a Roman Emperor who ruled between 306 and 337 AD according to the history he stopped the persecution of Christians and he moved his capital from Rome to Byzantium and changed its name Constantinople (280-337). .

Segregate: separate by race or religion; practice a policy of racial segregation.

Demobilisation: act of changing from a war basis to a peace basis including disbanding or discharging troops.

Repechage: a race (especially in rowing) in which runners-up in the eliminating heats compete for a place in the final race.

Stake Race: a horse race in which part of the prize is put up by the owners of the horses in the race.

Religiously: by religion.

Coreligionist: someone having the same religion as another person.

Apostate: not faithful to religion or party or cause.

Bachelor Of Divinity: a bachelor`s degree in religion.

Churchgoing: actively practicing a religion.

Hades: (religion) the world of the dead.

Profane: not concerned with or devoted to religion.

Irreligionist: someone who is indifferent or hostile to religion.

Orthodoxy: the quality of being orthodox (especially in religion).

Irreligious: hostile or indifferent to religion.

Religious Rite: an established ceremony prescribed by a religion.

Jewish: of or relating to Jews or their culture or religion.

Sacred: concerned with religion or religious purposes.

Dead Heat: a tie in a race.

Baseless: without a basis in reason or fact.

Believably: easy to believe on the basis of available evidence.

Criterial: serving as a basis for evaluation.

Heresy: a belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion.

Conforming: adhering to established customs or doctrines (especially in religion).

Religious: concerned with sacred matters or religion or the church.

Shinto: the native religion and former ethnic cult of Japan.

Adherence: faithful support for a cause or political party or religion.

Holy Roller: a member of a religion that expresses ecstatic fervor.

Secularism: a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations.

Foot Race: a race run on foot.

Related Words

Abuse : بدسلوکی , Oppression : ظلم سے دبانے کا عمل , Faith : یقین

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