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Persist   Meaning in Urdu

1. Persist - Die Hard - Endure - Prevail - Run : قائم رہنا - باقی رہنا : (verb) continue to exist.

2. Persist - Hang In - Hang On - Hold On - Persevere : ثابت رہنا - جمے رہنا : (verb) be persistent, refuse to stop.

He persisted to call me every night.
The child persisted and kept asking questions.

Obstinate - persist stubbornly.

3. Persist - Remain - Stay : باقی رہنا : (verb) stay behind.

Linger - remain present although waning or gradually dying.

Persist in Book Titles

While Breath Persist.
Injustice (revised Edition): Why Social Inequality Still Persists.
Words Resist and Persist.
Persist Past Pain: How to Live Powerfully After Tragedy.
Persist: How to Beat the Things That Make Us Quit..

Useful Words

Continue - Go Along - Go On - Keep - Proceed : جاری رکھنا : continue a certain state, condition, or activity. "How are your Eid preparations going on?"

Be - Exist : ہونا : have an existence, be extant. "Do ghosts really exist?"

Food Waste - Garbage - Refuse - Scraps : کوڑا کرکٹ : food that is discarded (as from a kitchen).

Halt - Stop : رکنا : come to a halt, stop moving. "Stop it now"

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