Perversive Perversity Perversion Perverseness Perversely Perverse Pervasively Pervasive Pervert Perverted Pervious Pes Pesky Peso Pessary Pessimist Pessimistically Pest Pester Pesterer

Pervert Meaning in Urdu

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She perverts the boys. You have perverted him also.

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1. بگاڑنا Bigadna خراب کرنا Kharab Karna : Corrupt Debase Debauch Demoralise Demoralize Deprave Misdirect Profane Subvert Vitiate Pervert : (verb) corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality.

You have perverted the child.

Related : Modify : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation. Suborn : incite to commit a crime or an evil deed.

2. گمراہ Gumraha : Degenerate Deviant Deviate Pervert : (noun) a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable.

Related : Reprobate : a person without moral scruples. Sadist : someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain or others.

3. مروڑنا Marorna بگاڑنا Bigadna توڑنا مروڑنا Toorna Marorna : Convolute Sophisticate Twist Twist Around Pervert : (verb) practice sophistry; change the meaning of or be vague about in order to mislead or deceive.

4. غلط استعمال کرنا Ghalat Estamal Karna : Abuse Misuse Pervert : (verb) change the inherent purpose or function of something.

Related : Use : use up, consume fully. Take In Vain : use a name, such as God, without proper respect.

Pervert in Book Titles

The Crowned Pervert.
Pauline & the Mysterious Pervert.
The Beautiful PervertThe Scattered Thoughts of a Deviate.

Useful Words

Acceptable : قابل قبول Qabil E Qubool : worthy of acceptance or satisfactory. "Acceptable levels of radiation"

Behavior - Behaviour - Conduct - Doings : چال چلن Chaal Calan : manner of acting or controlling yourself. "Her conduct is not good"

Corrupt - Crooked : دغاباز Dagabaz : not straight; dishonest or immoral or evasive. "Corrupt person"

Aberrant - Deviant - Deviate : گمراہ کن Gumraha Kun : markedly different from an accepted norm. "Aberrant behavior"

Intemperance : بے اعتدالی Be Aitadali : the quality of being intemperate.

Morally : اخلاقی طور پر Ikhlaqi Tor Par : with respect to moral principles. "Morally unjustified"

Individual - Mortal - Person - Somebody - Someone - Soul : شخص Shakhs : a human being. "The person who I told you about"

Sensualism - Sensuality - Sensualness : حسیت پرستی Hisiyat Parasti : desire for sensual pleasures.