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پہوڑا : Phaora Meaning in English

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1 of 5) پہوڑا جلد کا پہوڑا : Aleppo Boil Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Delhi Boil Old World Leishmaniasis Oriental Sore Tropical Sore : (noun) leishmaniasis of the skin; characterized by ulcerative skin lesions.

Related : Leishmaniosis : sores resulting from a tropical infection by protozoa of the genus Leishmania which are spread by sandflies.


2 of 5) پہوڑا ابھرنے والی رسولی : Papillary Tumor Papillary Tumour Papilloma Villoma : (noun) a benign epithelial tumor forming a rounded mass.

Related : Nonmalignant Tumour : a tumor that is not cancerous.

3 of 5) گلٹی پہوڑا غیر معمولی گلٹی کا بڑھنا : Neoplasm Tumor Tumour : (noun) an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose.

Related : Skin Tumor : a neoplasm originating in the epidermis. Nonmalignant Tumour : a tumor that is not cancerous. Carcinoid : a small tumor (benign or malignant) arising from the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract; usually associated with excessive secretion of serotonin.

4 of 5) پہوڑا : Abscess : (noun) symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue.

Related : Abscessed Tooth : an abscess of a common kind in the tissue around a tooth.

5 of 5) پہوڑا آبلہ : Blain : (noun) an inflammatory swelling or sore.

Related : Sore : an open skin infection. Pernio : inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold and moisture.

Useful Words

شام کا شہر : Alep, Aleppo, Halab : a city in northwestern Syria.

ایک لمبی گھاس : Aleppo Grass, Evergreen Millet, Johnson Grass, Means Grass, Sorghum Halepense : tall perennial grass that spreads by creeping rhizomes and is grown for fodder; naturalized in southern United States where it is a serious pest on cultivated land.

کھولنا : Boil, Furuncle : come to the boiling point and change from a liquid to vapor, be in an agitated emotional state.. "Don`t make my blood boil!".

ابال کر کم کرنا : Boil Down, Concentrate, Decoct, Reduce : be cooked until very little liquid is left. "The sauce should reduce to one cup".

ابل پڑنا : Boil Over, Overboil : overflow or cause to overflow while boiling. "The milk is boiling over".

ابال : Boiling, Simmering, Stewing : cooking in a liquid that has been brought to a boil.

مسوڑے کا ورم : Gumboil : a boil or abscess on the gums.

ابالنا : Roll, Seethe : boil vigorously. "The liquid was seething".

کم حرارت پر ابالنا : Simmer : boil slowly at low temperature. "Simmer the sauce".

جلد کی بیماری : Acanthosis Nigricans, Keratosis Nigricans : a skin disease characterized by dark wartlike patches in the body folds; can be benign or malignant.

ٹکیہ جیسی سرخی والی جلد کی مخصوص حالت : Discoid Lupus Erythematosus, Dle : a chronic skin disease occurring primarily in women between the ages of 20 and 40; characterized by an eruption of red lesions over the cheeks and bridge of the nose.

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