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Phata Hawa : پھٹا ہوا

1. Chapped, Cracked, Roughened : سوکھے - پھٹا ہوا : used of skin roughened as a result of cold or exposure.

2. Lacerate, Lacerated : پھٹا ہوا : irregularly slashed and jagged as if torn.

Tashheer : Exposure : presentation to view in an open or public manner. "The exposure of his anger was shocking"

Khal : Skin : body covering of a living animal.

Tasveer, Photo Graph : Exposure : a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material. "Don`t take photo without permission"

Mashkiza : Skin : a bag serving as a container for liquids; it is made from the hide of an animal.

Sardi, Thand : Cold : the absence of heat. "It`s getting cold, isn`t it?"

Jald, Khal : Skin : a natural protective body covering and site of the sense of touch. "Your skin is the largest organ of your body"

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