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پہوہڑ طور سے : Phohar Tor Se Meaning in English

Phohar Tor Se in Sentences

This bitter and sanguinary war.
A botchy piece of work.

Phohar Tor Se in Detail

1) پہوہڑ طور سے پہوڑ پن سے غیر ماہر : Botchy Butcherly Unskillful : (satellite adjective) poorly done.


Useful Words

دھندلا : Ill-Defined , نیم خواندہ : Semiliterate , گمراہ : Ill-Conceived , الجھا ہوا : Bushy , غیر متوازی : Unequal , لرزتی ہوئی آواز : Tremolo , دھندلا پن : Vagueness , بے ترتیب : Maladjusted , بیمار : Ailing

Useful Words Definitions

Ill-Defined: poorly stated or described.

Semiliterate: literate but poorly informed.

Ill-Conceived: poorly conceived or thought out.

Bushy: used of hair; thick and poorly groomed.

Unequal: poorly balanced or matched in quantity or value or measure.

Tremolo: vocal vibrato especially an excessive or poorly controlled one.

Vagueness: unclearness by virtue of being poorly expressed or not coherent in meaning.

Maladjusted: poorly adjusted to demands and stresses of daily living.

Ailing: somewhat ill or prone to illness.

Related Words

اناڑی : Unskilled

Close Words

اناڑی : Maladroit , پھوہڑ پن سے : Dowdily , پھوہڑ عورت : Slattern , بہوہڑ پن : Untidiness , بے ڈھنگا : Galoot , پہوہڑ پن : Slatternliness , پہوہڑ پن سے : Blowsy , بے ترتیبی سے : Messily , پہوہڑ : Scruffy , بے ترتیب : Unkempt

Close Words Definitions

Maladroit: not adroit.

Dowdily: in a dowdy unfashionable manner.

Slattern: a dirty untidy woman.

Untidiness: the condition of being untidy.

Galoot: a disreputable or clumsy man.

Slatternliness: in the manner of a slattern.

Blowsy: characteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern; used especially of women.

Messily: in a messy, untidy manner.

Scruffy: shabby and untidy.

Unkempt: not neatly combed.

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