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فون کا بِل : Phone Ka Bil Meaning in English

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1) فون کا بل : Phone Bill Telephone Bill : (noun) statement of charges for telephone service.

Related : Invoice : an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered.

Useful Words

نوٹ : Bank Bill, Bank Note, Banker's Bill, Banknote, Bill, Federal Reserve Note, Government Note, Greenback, Note : a piece of paper money (especially one issued by a central bank). "He peeled off five one-thousand-zloty notes".

امریکی مزدور رہنما : Big Bill Haywood, Haywood, William Dudley Haywood : United States labor leader and militant socialist who was one of the founders of the Industrial Workers of the World (1869-1928).

بل : Account, Bill, Invoice : an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered. "Here is your bill".

بل گیٹس : Bill Gates, Gates, William Henry Gates : United States computer entrepreneur whose software company made him the youngest multi-billionaire in the history of the United States (born in 1955). "Bill gates is a proven businessman".

طعام نامہ : Bill Of Fare, Card, Carte, Carte Du Jour, Menu : a list of dishes available at a restaurant. "The menu was in French".

کسی شخص کے خلاف الزام : Bill Of Indictment, Indictment : a formal document written for a prosecuting attorney charging a person with some offense. "Indictment of ex PM".

حقوق نامہ : Bill Of Rights : a statement of fundamental rights and privileges (especially the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution).

موبائل سے فون ملانا : Cell Phone : call up by using a cellular phone. "If the train is late, I will cell phone you".

متحرک فون : Cell, Cellphone, Cellular Phone, Cellular Telephone, Mobile Phone : a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver. "Put the mobile phone on charging".

ایک ڈالر کا نوٹ : Buck, Clam, Dollar, Dollar Bill, One Dollar Bill : a piece of paper money worth one dollar. "He has 20 bucks in pocket".

تقاضوں کو پورا کرنا : Fill The Bill, Fit The Bill : be what is needed or be good enough for what is required. "Does this restaurant fit the bill for the celebration?".

پانچ ڈالر والا نوٹ : Five Dollar Bill, Five-Spot, Fiver : a United States bill worth 5 dollars.

غیر ملکی ہنڈی : Foreign Bill, Foreign Draft : a bill of exchange that is drawn in one country and made payable in another.

ہوٹل کا کرایہ : Hotel Bill : statement of charges for staying in a hotel. "He paid very high hotel bill".

سو ڈالر : C-Note, Hundred Dollar Bill : a United States bill worth 100 dollars. "I had hundred dollar bill".

ملکہ وکٹوریا کا نواسا یا پوتا : Kaiser Bill, Kaiser Wilhelm, Wilhelm Ii : grandson of Queen Victoria and Kaiser of Germany from 1888 to 1918; he was vilified as causing World War I (1859-1941). "Kaiser bill also known as Wilhelm Ii and Kaiser Wilhelm".

ٹیلی فون : Phone, Telephone, Telephone Set : electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds. "Why don`t you pick up the phone?".

فون کرنے کی جگہ : Call Box, Phone Booth, Telephone Booth, Telephone Box, Telephone Kiosk : booth for using a telephone.

ٹیلی فونی رابطہ : Call, Phone Call, Telephone Call : a telephone connection. "Phone call for you".

فون کارڈ : Calling Card, Phone Card : a card that is used instead of cash to make telephone calls.

فون کی کمپنی : Phone Company, Phone Service, Telco, Telephone Company, Telephone Service : a public utility that provides telephone service. "He used to work in phone company".

فون لائن : Line, Phone Line, Subscriber Line, Telephone Circuit, Telephone Line : a telephone connection. "Phone line is not stable".

فون نمبر : Number, Phone Number, Telephone Number : the number is used in calling a particular telephone. "Telephone number was wrong".

تار نگران : Phone Tapper, Tapper, Wiretapper : someone who wiretaps a telephone or telegraph wire.

کا غذ کا اشتہار : Show Bill, Show Card, Theatrical Poster : a poster advertising a show or play.

قلیل مدتی بلا سود کا قرضہ : T-Bill, Treasury Bill : a short-term obligation that is not interest-bearing (it is purchased at a discount); can be traded on a discount basis for 91 days.

ہنڈی جو مقررہ تاریخ تک واجب الادا ہو : Time Bill, Time Draft : a draft payable at a specified future date.

ترمیم : Amendment : a statement that is added to or revises or improves a proposal or document (a bill or constitution etc.).

چپٹی چونچ والی بطخ : Anas Clypeata, Broadbill, Shoveler, Shoveller : freshwater duck of the northern hemisphere having a broad flat bill.

بے چونچ : Beakless : not having a beak or bill.

چونچ والا : Billed : having a beak or bill as specified. "A thick-billed bird".

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