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Photosphere meaning in Urdu

Photosphere Definitions

1) Photosphere : روشنی کا کرہ : (noun) the intensely luminous surface of a star (especially the sun).


Useful Words

Bog Myrtle : یورپ امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا پودا , Candela : روشنی کی شدت کا اندازہ لگانے کی معیاری اکائی , Bolide : شہاب ثاقب , Blazing : چمک , Passion : بے حد شوق , Concentrated : بھرپور , Craved : پسندیدہ , Hard-Core : سنگدل , Adore : اتہائی محبت کرنا , Cordial : پر تپاک , Scan : جائزہ لینا , Electrify : جھنجہوڑنا , Crazy : کسی کے پیچھے پاگل , White-Hot : گرم جوش , Burn : جلنا , Get A Noseful : گہرائی سے سونگھنا , Blaze : جلنا , Brightness : چمک , Captivation : توجہ , Faddish : فیشن سے متعلق , Brilliant : چمکیلا , Brainstorm : ذہن لگانا , Glowworm : جگنو , Detest : سخت نفرت کرنا , Severe : سخت ناگوار , Cimmerian : ظلمت , Atomic Number 88 : ایک تابکار مادہ , Polecat : شمالی امریکا کے میمل جانور , Coat : کسی چیز پر تہ لگانا , Moon : ماہتاب , Apple Of Peru : عام دھتورا

Useful Words Definitions

Bog Myrtle: perennial plant of Europe and America having racemes of white or purplish flowers and intensely bitter trifoliate leaves; often rooting at water margin and spreading across the surface.

Candela: the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites; equal to 1/60 of the luminous intensity per square centimeter of a black body radiating at the temperature of 2,046 degrees Kelvin.

Bolide: an especially luminous meteor (sometimes exploding).

Blazing: shining intensely.

Passion: something that is desired intensely.

Concentrated: intensely focused.

Craved: wanted intensely.

Hard-Core: intensely loyal.

Adore: love intensely.

Cordial: sincerely or intensely felt.

Scan: examine minutely or intensely.

Electrify: excite suddenly and intensely.

Crazy: intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with.

White-Hot: intensely zealous or fervid.

Burn: shine intensely, as if with heat.

Get A Noseful: smell strongly and intensely.

Blaze: burn brightly and intensely.

Brightness: the quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light.

Captivation: the state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror).

Faddish: intensely fashionable for a short time.

Brilliant: full of light; shining intensely.

Brainstorm: try to solve a problem by thinking intensely about it.

Glowworm: the luminous larva or wingless grub-like female of a firefly.

Detest: dislike intensely; feel antipathy or aversion towards.

Severe: intensely or extremely bad or unpleasant in degree or quality.

Cimmerian: intensely dark and gloomy as with perpetual darkness.

Atomic Number 88: an intensely radioactive metallic element that occurs in minute amounts in uranium ores.

Polecat: American musteline mammal typically ejecting an intensely malodorous fluid when startled; in some classifications put in a separate subfamily Mephitinae.

Coat: put a coat on; cover the surface of; furnish with a surface.

Moon: the moon is Earth`s natural satellite, orbiting the planet and reflecting sunlight to appear as a luminous, changing shape in the night sky. It influences tides and has cultural significance.

Apple Of Peru: intensely poisonous tall coarse annual tropical weed having rank-smelling foliage, large white or violet trumpet-shaped flowers and prickly fruits.

Related Words

Sun : سورج