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1) Physical Exercise, Exercise, Exercising, Physical Exertion, Workout : جسمانی ورزش, ورزش : (noun) the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit.

Related : Travail : use of physical or mental energy; hard work. Musclebuilding : exercise that builds muscles through tension. Isometrics : muscle-building exercises (or a system of musclebuilding exercises) involving muscular contractions against resistance without movement (the muscles contracts but the length of the muscle does not change).

Useful Words

Aerobic Exercise, Aerobics : جسم میں زیادہ آکسیجن پہنچانے کے لیے کڑی ورزشیں : exercise that increases the need for oxygen. "Aerobic exercise good for brain function".

Anaerobic Exercise, Bodybuilding, Muscle Building, Musclebuilding : تن سازی : exercise that builds muscles through tension. "Bodybuilding is good for health".

Back Exercise : پشت کی ورزش : exercise designed to strengthen the back muscles.

Exercise, Exert : استعمال کرنا : put to use. "Exert one`s power or influence".

Isometric Exercise, Isometrics : ہم اندازہ ورزش : muscle-building exercises (or a system of musclebuilding exercises) involving muscular contractions against resistance without movement (the muscles contracts but the length of the muscle does not change).

Physical : مادی : involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit. "Physical exercise".

Anatomy, Bod, Build, Chassis, Figure, Flesh, Form, Frame, Human Body, Material Body, Physical Body, Physique, Shape, Soma : جسم : alternative names for the body of a human being. "Anatomy of lungs".

Composition, Constitution, Make-Up, Makeup, Physical Composition : ترتیب دینے کا عمل : the way in which someone or something is composed.

Contact, Physical Contact : چھونے کا عمل : the act of touching physically. "Her fingers came in contact with the light switch".

Physical Education : جسمانی تعلیم : training in the development of and care for the human body; stresses athletics; includes hygiene.

Physical Geography, Physiography : طبعی جغرافیہ : the study of physical features of the earth's surface.

Object, Physical Object : چیز : a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow. "It was full of rackets, balls and other objects".

Compound Pendulum, Physical Pendulum : مرکب لٹکن : pendulum consisting of an actual object allowed to rotate freely around a horizontal axis.

Physical Science, Physics : طبعی علم : the physical properties, phenomena, and laws of something. "He studied the physics of radiation".

Body, Organic Structure, Physical Structure : جسم : the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being). "He felt as if his whole body were on fire".

Physiatrics, Physical Therapy, Physiotherapy : مالشی علاج : therapy that uses physical agents: exercise and massage and other modalities.

Hike : طویل فاصلہ پیدل طے کرنا : walk a long way, as for pleasure or physical exercise. "We were hiking in Colorado".

Stretch, Stretching : ہاتھ پیر پھیلانے کی ورزش : exercise designed to extend the limbs and muscles to their full extent. "Stretching improves your performance in physical activities".

Exert, Maintain, Wield : بروئے کار لانا : have and exercise. "Wield power and authority".

Practice : مشق : the exercise of a profession. "The practice of the law".

Govern, Rule : حکومت کرنا : exercise authority over; as of nations. "Who is governing the country now?".

Conditioner : حالت بہتر کرنے والا : exercise that conditions the body. "Farm work can be a good conditioner".

Call The Shots, Call The Tune, Wear The Trousers : حاکم ہونا : exercise authority or be in charge. "Who is calling the shots in this house?".

Push Up : ایک جسمانی ورزش : an exercise which is performed by using both hands.

Command, Control : قابو کرنا : exercise authoritative control or power over. "Control the budget".

Hike, Hiking, Tramp : لمبا پیدل سفر : a long walk usually for exercise or pleasure. "She enjoys a hike in her spare time".

Weightlift, Weightlifting : تنسازی : bodybuilding by exercise that involves lifting weights.

Jogger : آہستہ آہستہ دوڑنے والا : someone who runs a steady slow pace (usually for exercise).

Authority : مقتدر : (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others. "The authorities have issued a curfew".

Deputy, Deputy Sheriff : قائم مقام نمائندہ : someone authorized to exercise the powers of sheriff in emergencies.

Train : مشق کرنا : exercise in order to prepare for an event or competition. "She is training for the Olympics".

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