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Pickup meaning in Urdu

Pickup Sentence

Put out a pickup on that man.

Pickup Synonym

Pickup Definitions

1 of 2) Pickup, Pickup Truck : ایک قسم کا ٹرک : (noun) a light truck with an open body and low sides and a tailboard.


2 of 2) Pickup : حراست میں لینے کا حکم : (noun) a warrant to take someone into custody.

Useful Words

Camion : ٹرک , Teamster : ٹرک چلانے والا , Articulated Lorry : ٹریکٹر اور ٹریلر پر مشتمل ٹرک , Hauling : ٹرک سے مال لانا لیجانا , Van : وین , Cartage : مال برداری , Car Transporter : ایک لمبا ٹرک جو گاڑیوں وغیرہ کو لاتا لے جاتا ہے , Aerial Ladder : کھلنے والی سیڑھی , House Trailer : ٹریلر , Teamsters Union : صنعتی مزدور وں کی انجمن , Dump Truck : لدو ٹرک , Tow Car : کھینچ ٹرک , Diplegia : سن ہونا , Bath : بالٹی , Catheter : جسم سے سیال نکالنے کی نلکی , Star : رات کو چمکنے والی جرم فلکی , Shade : سایہ , Saree : ہندوستانی لباس , Chipmunk : دھاری دار گلہری , Running Light : پہلو سے آنے والی روشنی , Compound Fracture : وہ فریکچر جس میں ہڈی ٹوٹ کر گوشت سے باہر آجاتی ہے , Dark-Field Microscope : جدید خوردبین , Searchlight : سرچ لائٹ , Laser : روشنی کی تابش بڑھانے کا آلہ , Acer Saccharinum : چاندی میپل , Butternut : شمال امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا اخروٹ کا درخت , Gleam : کرن , Side : طرف داری کرنا , Four-Sided : چار ضلع والی , About : اطراف میں , Three-Sided : تین کونوں والا

Useful Words Definitions

Camion: a large truck designed to carry heavy loads; usually without sides.

Teamster: someone who drives a truck as an occupation.

Articulated Lorry: a truck consisting of a tractor and trailer together.

Hauling: the activity of transporting goods by truck.

Van: a truck with an enclosed cargo space.

Cartage: the work of taking something away in a cart or truck and disposing of it.

Car Transporter: a long truck for carrying motor vehicles.

Aerial Ladder: mechanically extendible ladder; used on a fire truck.

House Trailer: a wheeled vehicle that can be pulled by a car or truck and is equipped for occupancy.

Teamsters Union: an industrial union of truck drivers and chauffeurs and warehouse workers.

Dump Truck: truck whose contents can be emptied without handling; the front end of the platform can be pneumatically raised so that the load is discharged by gravity.

Tow Car: a truck equipped to hoist and pull wrecked cars (or to remove cars from no-parking zones).

Diplegia: paralysis of corresponding parts on both sides of the body.

Bath: a relatively large open container that you fill with water and use to wash the body.

Catheter: a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open.

Star: any celestial body visible (as a point of light) from the Earth at night.

Shade: relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body.

Saree: a dress worn primarily by Hindu women; consists of several yards of light material that is draped around the body.

Chipmunk: a burrowing ground squirrel of western America and Asia; has cheek pouches and a light and dark stripe running down the body.

Running Light: light carried by a boat that indicates the boat's direction; vessels at night carry a red light on the port bow and a green light on the starboard bow.

Compound Fracture: A "compound fracture" occurs when a broken bone penetrates the skin, resulting in an open wound. This condition is also referred to as an open fracture..

Dark-Field Microscope: light microscope that uses scattered light to show particles too small to see with ordinary microscopes.

Searchlight: a light source with reflectors that projects a beam of light in a particular direction.

Laser: an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation; an optical device that produces an intense monochromatic beam of coherent light.

Acer Saccharinum: a common North American maple tree; five-lobed leaves are light green above and silvery white beneath; source of hard close-grained but brittle light-brown wood.

Butternut: North American walnut tree having light-brown wood and edible nuts; source of a light-brown dye.

Gleam: a flash of light (especially reflected light).

Side: take sides for or against.

Four-Sided: having four sides.

About: all around or on all sides.

Three-Sided: having three sides.

Related Words

Motortruck : ٹرک , Arrest Warrant : عدالتی وارنٹ , Colloquialism : عام بول چال