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Pike meaning in Urdu

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2 of 4) Pike : کانٹا مچھلی : (noun) highly valued northern freshwater fish with lean flesh.

3 of 4) Pike : نیزا, تیز نوک دار : (noun) a sharp point (as on the end of a spear).

4 of 4) Pike : نیزہ : (noun) medieval weapon consisting of a spearhead attached to a long pole or pikestaff; superseded by the bayonet.

Useful Words

Pikestaff : لاٹھی , Halberd : نیزہ , Carriageway : گاڑیوں کے لیے سڑک , Attack Aircraft : لڑاکا جہاز , Torpedo Boat : جنگی کشتی , Divided Highway : دو راستوں والی بڑی شاہراہ , Jet Stream : تیز رفتار آندھی , Rapid : تیز رفتار , Festinate : جلدی کرنا , High-Speed : تیز رفتار , Breakneck : تیز , Bullet : تیز رفتار ٹرین , Career : تیزی سے گزرنا , Speedway : شاہراہ جہاں تیز رفتاری کی اجازت ہو , Burnup : عام سڑک پر تیز رفتار موٹر سائیکل دوڑ , Centrifugate : افزودہ کرنے کا آلہ , Heat Barrier : رفتار کی حد , Barricade : ناکہ , Reaction Engine : جیٹ انجن , Upmarket : امیروں کے لئے تیار کردہ , Drum Sander : لکڑی ادھیڑ نے والا طاقتور آلہ , Pyrometer : آتش پیما , Sonic : صدائی لہروں کا , Machmeter : ہوا کی پیمائش کرنے والا میٹر , Toll Road : شاہراہ جس پر سے گزرنے کا محصول لیا جاۓ , Anti-Personnel Bomb : ایک قسم کا بم , Access Road : دو سڑکوں کو ملانے والی سڑک , Supersonic : آواز کی رفتار سے زیادہ تیز , Highroad : شاہراہ , Ranger : گشتی محافظ , Baqai Medical University : بقائی میڈیکل یونیورسٹی

Useful Words Definitions

Pikestaff: the staff of a pike.

Halberd: a pike fitted with an ax head.

Carriageway: one of the two sides of a motorway where traffic travels in one direction only usually in two or three lanes.

Attack Aircraft: a high-speed military or naval airplane designed to destroy enemy aircraft in the air.

Torpedo Boat: small high-speed warship designed for torpedo attacks in coastal waters.

Divided Highway: a highway divided down the middle by a barrier that separates traffic going in different directions.

Jet Stream: a high-speed high-altitude airstream blowing from west to east near the top of the troposphere; has important effects of the formation of weather fronts.

Rapid: characterized by speed; moving with or capable of moving with high speed.

Festinate: act or move at high speed.

High-Speed: operating at high speed.

Breakneck: moving at very high speed.

Bullet: a high-speed passenger train.

Career: move headlong at high speed.

Speedway: road where high speed driving is allowed.

Burnup: a high-speed motorcycle race on a public road.

Centrifugate: rotate at very high speed in order to separate the liquids from the solids.

Heat Barrier: a limit to high speed flight imposed by aerodynamic heating.

Barricade: a barrier set up by police to stop traffic on a street or road in order to catch a fugitive or inspect traffic etc..

Reaction Engine: a jet or rocket engine based on a form of aerodynamic propulsion in which the vehicle emits a high-speed stream.

Upmarket: designed for consumers with high incomes.

Drum Sander: a power tool used for sanding wood; an endless loop of sandpaper is moved at high speed by an electric motor.

Pyrometer: a thermometer designed to measure high temperatures.

Sonic: (of speed) having or caused by speed approximately equal to that of sound in air at sea level.

Machmeter: speedometer for measuring the speed of an aircraft relative to the speed of sound.

Toll Road: an expressway on which tolls are collected.

Anti-Personnel Bomb: a bomb with only 10 to 20 per cent explosive and the remainder consisting of casings designed to break into many small high-velocity fragments; most effective against troops and vehicles.

Access Road: a short road giving access to an expressway.

Supersonic: (of speed) greater than the speed of sound in a given medium (especially air).

Highroad: a highway.

Ranger: a member of the Texas state highway patrol; formerly a mounted lawman who maintained order on the frontier.

Baqai Medical University: Provides medical related education, location is 51, Deh Tor, Gadap road, near Toll plaza, super highway Karachi.

Related Words

Highway : شاہراہ , Point : نوک , Arm : ہتھیار

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