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Pillaging Meaning in Urdu

1. Pillaging - Pillage - Plundering : لوٹ کھسوٹ - لوٹ مار : (noun) the act of stealing valuable things from a place.

Aggression, Hostility - violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked.

Related Words

Column - Pillar : ستون : (architecture) a tall vertical cylindrical structure standing upright and used to support a structure.

Pillar Box : لیٹر بکس : a red pillar-shaped letter box.

Useful Words

Act - Deed - Human Action - Human Activity : کام : something that people do or cause to happen. "Whose act is this?"

Lay - Place - Pose - Position - Put - Set : رکھنا : put into a certain place or abstract location. "Where do I put it ?"

Larceny - Stealing - Theft - Thievery - Thieving : غیر قانونی طور پر کسی سے کوئی چیز لینا : the act of taking something from someone unlawfully. "The thieving is awful at Kennedy International"

Thing : بات : a statement regarded as an object. "Do I say one thing?"

Valuable : قیمتی : having great material or monetary value especially for use or exchange. "A valuable diamond"

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