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Pinkish face.

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1 of 3) Pink : گلابی رنگ : (noun) a light shade of red.

Related : Pinkness : the quality of being pink. Carnation : a pink or reddish-pink color. Yellowish Pink : a shade of pink tinged with yellow.


2 of 3) Pink, Knock, Rap, Tap : مارنا, بجانا : (verb) make light, repeated taps on a surface.

3 of 3) Pink, Pinkish : گلابی مائل : (satellite adjective) of a light shade of red.

Useful Words

Calopogon Pulchellum, Calopogon Tuberosum, Grass Pink : اورچیڈ ایک پودا : an orchid.

Bouncing Bess, Bouncing Bet, Hedge Pink, Saponaria Officinalis, Soapwort : صابن والا پودا : plant of European origin having pink or white flowers and leaves yielding a detergent when bruised.

American Centaury, Bitter Floom, Marsh Pink, Rose Pink, Sabbatia Angularis, Sabbatia Stellaris : گلابی رنگ : any of several pink-flowered marsh plant of the eastern United States resembling a true centaury.

Adobe Lily, Fritillaria Pluriflora, Pink Fritillary : کیلیفورنیا کی جڑی بوٹی : California herb with pinkish purple flowers.

Acroclinium Roseum, Pink Paper Daisy, Pink-And-White Everlasting : کاغذ نما پھول : flower of southwestern Australia having bright pink daisylike papery flowers; grown for drying.

Abronia Umbellata, Beach Sand Verbena, Pink Sand Verbena : گلابی بگل نما پھولوں والا پودا : prostrate herb having heads of deep pink to white flowers; found in coastal dunes from British Columbia to Baja California.

Cassia Grandis, Horse Cassia, Pink Shower, Pink Shower Tree : گلابی گچھے دار پھول کا درخت : tropical American semi-evergreen tree having erect racemes of pink or rose-colored flowers; used as an ornamental.

Blush Wine, Pink Wine, Rose, Rose Wine : گلابی مائل شراب : pinkish table wine from red grapes whose skins were removed after fermentation began. "Rose wine in glass".

Apricot, Peach, Salmon Pink, Yellowish Pink : سامن گلابی : a shade of pink tinged with yellow. "This paper colour is yellowish pink".

Scarlet-Pink : سرخی مائل گلابی رنگ : of pink tinged with scarlet.

Beatify, Exalt, Exhilarate, Inebriate, Thrill, Tickle Pink : پھولے نہ سمانا : fill with sublime emotion. "The children were thrilled at the prospect of going to the movies".

Tapping : کھٹ کھٹ کی آواز : the sound of light blow or knock. "He heard the tapping of the man's cane".

Azure, Cerulean, Lazuline, Sapphire, Sky-Blue : آسمانی رنگ : a light shade of blue. "Azure shade".

Light-Blue, Pale Blue : ہلکا نیلا : of a light shade of blue.

Shaded : سایہ دار : protected from heat and light with shade or shadow. "Shaded avenues".

Negative : تصویر کا : a piece of photographic film showing an image with light and shade or colors reversed.

Coldcock, Deck, Dump, Floor, Knock Down : مار گرانا : knock down with force. "She dumped her competitor".

Apricot Sauce : خوبانی کی چٹنی : for Chinese dishes: apricot preserves and chutney.

Zombi, Zombie : بھل رس : several kinds of rum with fruit juice and usually apricot liqueur.

Kayo, Knock Cold, Knock Out : مکا مار کر بےہوش کردینا : knock unconscious or senseless. "The boxing champion knocked out his opponent in a few seconds".

Bump, Knock : ٹکرانا : knock against with force or violence. "My car bumped into the wall".

Ratafee, Ratafia : تیز خوشبو دار شراب : sweet liqueur made from wine and brandy flavored with plum or peach or apricot kernels and bitter almonds.

Running Light, Sidelight : پہلو سے آنے والی روشنی : light carried by a boat that indicates the boat's direction; vessels at night carry a red light on the port bow and a green light on the starboard bow.

Hockey, Hockey Game, Ice Hockey : برفانی ہاکی : a game played on an ice rink by two opposing teams of six skaters each who try to knock a flat round puck into the opponents` goal with angled sticks.

Carnation : لال گلابی رنگ : a pink or reddish-pink color.

Abronia Villosa, Desert Sand Verbena : ہلکا گلابی بگل نما پھولوں والا پودا : soft-haired sticky plant with heads of bright pink trumpet-shaped flowers; found in sandy desert soil; after ample rains may carpet miles of desert with pink from the southwestern United States to northern Mexico.

Shadowed, Shadowy, Shady, Umbrageous : سایہ دار : filled with shade. "The shady side of the street".

Blue-Green, Bluish Green, Cyan, Teal : نیلا ہرا مکس رنگ : of a bluish shade of green.

Mellowness : نرمی : a soft shade of a color. "A mellowness of light and shade not attainable in marble".

Burnt Sienna, Mahogany, Reddish Brown, Sepia, Venetian Red : گہرا سرخ نارنجی رنگ : a shade of brown with a tinge of red.

Shadow : پرچھائیں : shade within clear boundaries.

Pink in Book Titles

The Pinkish, Purplish, Bluish Egg.

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