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پائپوں کو باہم جوڑنے کا کام : Pipeoun Ko Baham Jornay Ka Kam Meaning in English

Pipeoun Ko Baham Jornay Ka Kam in Detail

1) پائپوں کو باہم جوڑنے کا کام : Pipe Fitting Pipefitting : (noun) fitting consisting of threaded pieces of pipe for joining pipes together.

Useful Words

تنگ مگر آرام دہ جگہ : Close, Close-Fitting, Snug : fitting closely but comfortably. "A close fit".

ایک قسم کا پائپ : Bourdon, Drone, Drone Pipe : a pipe of the bagpipe that is tuned to produce a single continuous tone.

بانسری نما : Fipple Flute, Fipple Pipe, Recorder, Vertical Flute : a tubular wind instrument with 8 finger holes and a fipple mouthpiece.

موافقت : Accommodation, Adjustment, Fitting : making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances. "You need adjustment in home".

تھیلے کی طرح ڈھیلا ڈھالا : Baggy, Loose-Fitting, Sloppy : not fitting closely; hanging loosely. "Baggy trousers".

شہنائی : Chanter, Melody Pipe : reed pipe with finger holes on which the melody is played.

علامت صلح و امن : Calumet, Peace Pipe, Pipe Of Peace : a highly decorated ceremonial pipe of Amerindians; smoked on ceremonial occasions (especially as a token of peace).

چیخ : Pipe, Pipe Up, Shriek, Shrill : utter a shrill cry.

کپڑے سے ڈھکا ہوا ایک تار جو تمباکو پینے والے پائپ اور پیالے کو صاف کرتا ہے : Pipe Cleaner : cleaning implement consisting of a flexible tufted wire that is used to clean a pipe stem.

چپ ہونا : Hush, Pipe Down, Quiesce, Quiet, Quiet Down, Quieten : become quiet or quieter. "Just keep quiet".

خام خیالی : Dream, Pipe Dream : a fantastic but vain hope (from fantasies induced by the opium pipe). "I have this pipe dream about being emperor of the universe".

نل کار : Pipe Fitter, Plumber : a craftsman who installs and repairs pipes and fixtures and appliances.

کسی بین باجے کی جماعت کا کوچ لیڈر : Pipe Major : the chief piper in a band of bagpipes.

گانا : Pipe Up : begin to play or sing.

پائپ پانا : Pipe Wrench, Tube Wrench : adjustable wrench for gripping and turning a pipe; has two serrated jaws that are adjusted to grip the pipe.

پائپ مٹی سے سفید کرنا : Pipe-Clay : whiten or clean with pipe-clay. "Pipe-clay leather".

گرم خطے کا پھلی دار ایک قسم کا درخت : Canafistola, Canafistula, Cassia Fistula, Drumstick Tree, Golden Shower Tree, Pudding Pipe Tree, Purging Cassia : deciduous or semi-evergreen tree having scented sepia to yellow flowers in drooping racemes and pods whose pulp is used medicinally; tropical Asia and Central and South America and Australia. "Golden shower tree is used in medicine".

نالی نما ساز : Reed Pipe : organ pipe with a vibrating reed.

انسانی فضلات کو گھر سے باہر لے جانے والا پائپ : Soil Pipe : drain that conveys liquid waste from toilets, etc..

ایسا پائپ جو استعمال شدہ پانی کے اخراج کے لیے ہو : Drain, Drainpipe, Waste Pipe : a pipe through which liquid is carried away.

بنیان : Banian, Banyan : a loose fitting jacket; originally worn in India.

تیراکی کے دوران سر ڈھاپنے والی ٹوپی : Bathing Cap, Swimming Cap : a tight-fitting cap that keeps hair dry while swimming.

تیراکی کے کپڑے : Bathing Costume, Bathing Suit, Swimming Costume, Swimsuit, Swimwear : tight fitting garment worn for swimming. "They want to buy swimwear".

رکاوٹ : Block, Blockage, Closure, Occlusion, Stop, Stoppage : an obstruction in a pipe or tube. "We had to call a plumber to clear out the blockage in the drainpipe".

جین کی پتلون : Blue Jean, Denim, Jean : (usually plural) close-fitting trousers of heavy denim for manual work or casual wear.

ایک قسم کا چست لباس جو ناچ کے لئے پہنا جاتا ہے : Body Suit, Cat Suit, Leotard, Unitard : a tight-fitting garment of stretchy material that covers the body from the shoulders to the thighs (and may have long sleeves or legs reaching down to the ankles); worn by ballet dancers and acrobats for practice or performance.

رات کو پہنا جا نے والا عورتوں کا مختصر لباس : Bustier : a close-fitting and strapless top without sleeves that is worn by women either as lingerie or for evening dress.

ٹوپی : Cap : a tight-fitting headdress.

گندے پانی کا نالہ : Cloaca, Sewer, Sewerage : a waste pipe that carries away sewage or surface water. "Clean the cloaca".

مناسب : Condign : fitting or appropriate and deserved; used especially of punishment. "Condign censure".

پائپ : Conduit : a passage (a pipe or tunnel) through which water or electric wires can pass. "The computers were connected through a system of conduits".

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