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پیٹو : Pitu Meaning in English

Pitu Synonyms


Pitu in Detail

1 of 3) پیٹو اچھی خوراک والا : Glutton Gourmand Gourmandizer Trencherman : (noun) a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess.

2 of 3) پیٹو : Gluttonous : (adjective) given to excess in consumption of especially food or drink.

3 of 3) پیٹو کھانے پینے میں لالچ کرنا : Greedy : (satellite adjective) wanting to eat or drink more than one can reasonably consume.

Useful Words

مخلص : Devoted , اضافی : Excess , ریچ جیسا جانور : Glutton , زیادتی : Excess , حریص : Avid , مناسب پینے کا پانی : Drinking Water , فوارہ : Bubbler , گرم چاکلیٹ شیک : Chocolate , شراب پینے کا لمبا دور : Drinking Bout , گلاس : Drinking Glass , کھانے کا عمل : Eating , امریکہ کا جنگلی کتا : Crab-Eating Dog , چھری کانٹے : Cutlery , پھل خور : Carpophagous , گوشت خور : Flesh-Eating , ہوٹل : Eatery , شارک مچھلی : Carcharodon Carcharias , سبزی خور : Phytophagic , شخص : Individual , بذات خود : In Person , بوڑھا شخص : Golden Ager , شرمیلا شخص : Shrinking Violet , مریل : Scrag , لاچار شخص : Abandoned Person , غیر انگریز : Person Of Color , مالدار شخص : Have , غیر معمولی شخص : Anomaly , صنعتی وقت : Man Hour , غیر مجاز : Incompetent , عالم : Bookman , مشہور شخص : Celebrity

Useful Words Definitions

Devoted: zealous in devotion or affection.

Excess: more than is needed, desired, or required.

Glutton: musteline mammal found in northern Eurasia.

Excess: the state of being more than full.

Avid: (often followed by `for`) ardently or excessively desirous.

Drinking Water: water suitable for drinking.

Bubbler: a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking water.

Chocolate: a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar; usually drunk hot.

Drinking Bout: a long period of drinking.

Drinking Glass: a container for holding liquids while drinking.

Eating: the act of consuming food.

Crab-Eating Dog: wild dog of northern South America.

Cutlery: tableware implements for cutting and eating food.

Carpophagous: feeding on fruit.

Flesh-Eating: (of animals) carnivorous.

Eatery: a building where people go to eat.

Carcharodon Carcharias: large aggressive shark widespread in warm seas; known to attack humans.

Phytophagic: (of animals) feeding on plants.

Individual: a human being.

In Person: in the flesh; without involving anyone else.

Golden Ager: an elderly person.

Shrinking Violet: someone who shrinks from familiarity with others.

Scrag: a person who is unusually thin and scrawny.

Abandoned Person: someone for whom hope has been abandoned.

Person Of Color: (formal) any non-European non-white person.

Have: a person who possesses great material wealth.

Anomaly: a person who is unusual.

Man Hour: a time unit used in industry for measuring work.

Incompetent: someone who is not competent to take effective action.

Bookman: a learned person (especially in the humanities); someone who by long study has gained mastery in one or more disciplines.

Celebrity: a widely known person.

Related Words

کھانے والا : Eater , کھانے پینے کی زیادتی : Crapulent , سور نما : Hoggish , مہربان : Indulgent

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