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Pluto Meaning in Urdu

Urdu meaning of Pluto is نظام شمسی کا ایک سیارہ, it can be written as Nizam E Shamsi Ka Ek Siyarah in Roman Urdu.

Pluto in Sentence

Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930.

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Pluto in Detail

1. نظام شمسی کا ایک سیارہ Nizam E Shamsi Ka Ek Siyarah پلوٹو Pluto : Pluto : (noun) a small planet and the farthest known planet from the sun; it has the most elliptical orbit of all the planets.

Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930.

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Useful Words

All Altogether Completely Entirely Totally Whole Wholly : پوری طرح Puri Tarha : to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly'). "He was wholly convinced"

Egg-Shaped Elliptic Elliptical Oval Oval-Shaped Ovate Oviform Ovoid Prolate : انڈے کی طرح گول Anday Ki Tarha Gol : rounded like an egg. "An ovoid scoop of homemade caramel ice cream"

Farthest Furthest : سب سے زیادہ دور Sab Se Zyada Door : to the greatest distance in space or time (`farthest' is used more often than `furthest' in this physical sense). "See who could jump the farthest"

It : یہ Ye : Used of a nonhuman entity. "It is out of the question"

Most : زیادہ تر Zyada Tar : (superlative of `many` used with count nouns and often preceded by `the`) quantifier meaning the greatest in number. "Most people like eggs"

Orb Orbit Revolve : محوری گردش کرنا Mehwari Gardish Karna : move in an orbit. "The moon orbits around the Earth"

Little Small : صغیر Sageer : limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent. "A little dining room"

Sun : سورج Sooraj : the star that is the source of light and heat for the planets in the solar system. "The average distance between the Sun and the Earth is about 149,600,000 km"