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Pocket Battleship 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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Pocket Battleship in Detail

1 : ایک جنگی جہاز Ek Jangi Jahaaz : Pocket Battleship : (noun) a small battleship built to conform with treaty limitations on tonnage and armament (from 1925 to 1930).

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Useful Words

Armament : اسلحہ Aslaha : weaponry used by military or naval force.

Battleship Battlewagon : لڑاکا بحری جہاز Laraka Behri Jahaaz : large and heavily armoured warship.

Conform : مشابہ ہونا Mushaba Hona : be similar, be in line with.

Limitation Restriction : حد بندی Had Bandi : a principle that limits the extent of something. "I am willing to accept certain restrictions on my movements"

Little Small : صغیر Sageer : limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent. "A little dining room"

Tonnage Tonnage Duty Tunnage : جہاز کے وزن کے حساب سے لگایا جانے والا محصول Jahaaz Kay Wazan Kay Hisaab Se Lagaya Jany Wala Mehsool : a tax imposed on ships that enter the US; based on the tonnage of the ship.

Accord Pact Treaty : معاہدہ Mohaeda : a written agreement between two states or sovereigns.

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