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Poke Fun meaning in Urdu

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Useful Words

Dig : چبھانا , Jestingly : مذاق کرتے ہوئے , Lampoon : مذاق اڑانا , Absurd : اوٹ پٹانگ , Pathetic : اوٹ پٹانگ , Gibbet : تماشہ بنانا , Ironist : طنز کرنے والا , Sarcastic : طنزیہ , Derisive : تمسخر آمیز , Express Joy : ہنسنا , Laughingly : ہنسی خوشی , Convulse : ہنسنا , Amusing : مزاحیہ , Cachinnation : قہقہہ , Laughably : مضحک طور پر , Convulse : ہنساکر لوٹ پوٹ کردینا , Ribbing : تنگ کرنے کا عمل , Belly Laugh : قہقہہ , Gag : ہنسانے والی بات , Hilarious : ہنسی مذاق سے بھرپور , Humor : مذاق , Hebephrenic : ذہنی مرض سے متاثرہ , Tickle : گدگدی کرنا , Fair Game : حملہ کرنا , Characteristic : خصوصیت , Unconditionally : شرائط کے بغیر , Unappealable : ناقابل مرافعہ , Involuntary : غیر ارادی , Mortal : فانی , Conditionally : مشروط طور پر , Dutiable : قابل محصول

Useful Words Definitions

Dig: poke or thrust abruptly.

Jestingly: in jest.

Lampoon: ridicule with satire.

Absurd: incongruous;inviting ridicule.

Pathetic: inviting ridicule,pathetic.

Gibbet: expose to ridicule or public scorn.

Ironist: a humorist who uses ridicule and irony and sarcasm.

Sarcastic: expressing or expressive of ridicule that wounds.

Derisive: abusing vocally; expressing contempt or ridicule.

Express Joy: produce laughter.

Laughingly: with laughter; while laughing.

Convulse: be overcome with laughter.

Amusing: relating to laughter and comedy.

Cachinnation: loud convulsive laughter.

Laughably: so as to arouse or deserve laughter.

Convulse: make someone convulse with laughter.

Ribbing: the act of harassing someone playfully or maliciously (especially by ridicule); provoking someone with persistent annoyances.

Belly Laugh: a burst of deep loud hearty laughter.

Gag: a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter.

Hilarious: marked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter.

Humor: a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter.

Hebephrenic: suffering from a form of schizophrenia characterized by foolish mannerisms and senseless laughter along with delusions and regressive behavior.

Tickle: touch (a body part) lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness, laughter, or spasmodic movements.

Fair Game: a person who is the aim of an attack (especially a victim of ridicule or exploitation) by some hostile person or influence.

Characteristic: feature commonly denotes a standout or unique attribute, trait, or property of a subject or individual. It may also point to a particular component or facet within a broader context, like a landscape feature, a cinematic feature film, or a magazine feature article. Features often serve as noteworthy, meaningful, or defining characteristics in the subject under consideration.

Unconditionally: not subject to a condition.

Unappealable: not subject to appeal.

Involuntary: not subject to the control of the will.

Mortal: subject to death.

Conditionally: subject to a condition.

Dutiable: subject to import tax.

Related Words

Bemock : توہین کرنا , Debunk : بے نقاب کرنا , Stultify : بے وقوف بنانا

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