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Populace meaning in Urdu

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Populace film.

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1) Populace, Public, World : عام, لوگ, عوام : (noun) people in common or general considered as a whole.

Useful Words

Demagoguery : جذباتی خطابت , General : عمومی , Common Nuisance : عوامی پریشانی , Front : تحریک , Common Touch : مشترک خصوصیت , Domain : لوگ , Exoteric : جو عام عوام کے لئے مناسب ہو , Popularise : قابل فہم بنانا , Popularisation : پسندیدگی , Populariser : ہر دلعزیز بنانے والا شخص , Report : ساکھ , Preview : نمائش , Popular : مشہور , Audience : سامعین , Open Letter : کھلی چٹھی , Preview : نمائش , A. E. Housman : انگریز شاعر , Anomalous : انوکھی , Base Metal : بنیادی دھات لوہا وغیرہ , Abstract Entity : تصور اخذ کرنا , Abstraction : عمومی تصور , Common People : لوگ , Misanthrope : لوگوں سے نفرت کرنے والا , We : ہم , Feel : ماحول , Poor : غریب لوگ , Crowd : بھیڑ , Unemployed : بے روزگار , Hajji : حاجی , Ailurus Fulgens : بھالو بلی , Blind : اندھا

Useful Words Definitions

Demagoguery: impassioned appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the populace.

General: prevailing among and common to the general public.

Common Nuisance: a nuisance that unreasonably interferes with a right that is common to the general public.

Front: a group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals.

Common Touch: the property of appealing to people in general (usually by appearing to have qualities in common with them).

Domain: people in general; especially a distinctive group of people with some shared interest.

Exoteric: suitable for the general public.

Popularise: make understandable to the general public.

Popularisation: the act of making something attractive to the general public.

Populariser: someone who makes attractive to the general public.

Report: the general estimation that the public has for a person.

Preview: watch (a movie or play) before it is released to the general public.

Popular: regarded with great favor, approval, or affection especially by the general public.

Audience: the part of the general public interested in a source of information or entertainment.

Open Letter: a letter of protest; addressed to one person but intended for the general public.

Preview: a screening for a select audience in advance of release for the general public.

A. E. Housman: an English classical scholar and poet, best known to the general public for his cycle of poems.

Anomalous: deviating from the general or common order or type.

Base Metal: a metal that is common and not considered precious.

Abstract Entity: a general concept formed by extracting common features from specific examples.

Abstraction: the process of formulating general concepts by abstracting common properties of instances.

Common People: people in general (often used in the plural).

Misanthrope: someone who dislikes people in general.

We: Used to refer to people in general, including the speaker.

Feel: the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people.

Poor: people without possessions or wealth (considered as a group).

Crowd: a large number of things or people considered together.

Unemployed: people who are involuntarily out of work (considered as a group).

Hajji: a general term used by foreign soldiers to refer to the Iraqi people.

Ailurus Fulgens: reddish-brown Old World raccoon-like carnivore; in some classifications considered unrelated to the giant pandas.

Blind: people who have severe visual impairments, considered as a group.

Related Words

People : لوگ , Admass : معاشرے کا وہ طبقہ جوذرائع ابلاغ سے جلد متاثر ہو جاتا ہے

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