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Potassium Sodium Tartrate meaning in Urdu

Potassium Sodium Tartrate Synonyms

Potassium Sodium Tartrate Definitions

1) Potassium Sodium Tartrate, Rochelle Salt, Rochelle Salts : راشل نمک : (noun) a double salt used in Seidlitz powder; acts as a cathartic.


Useful Words

Amobarbital Sodium : ایک قسم کا نمک , Zeolite : کیمیا زیو لائٹ , Sal Soda : دہوبی سوڈا , Nepheline : ایک دھات , Cream Of Tartar : دانت کا میل صاف کرنے والا نمک , Atomic Number 11 : سوڈیم , Caustic Potash : پیشاب ٹیسٹ کرنے میں استعمال کیا جاتا ہے , Kaliuresis : پیشاب میں پوٹاشیم کا اخراج , Pinite : ایک معدن جو بنیادی طور پر آبی ایلومینیم اور پوٹاشیم سیلیکیٹ پر مشتمل ہو , Halite : قدرتی سوڈیم کلورائیڈ , Saline : نمکین , Acid Value : چربی میں تیزاب کی مقدار , Heart-Healthy : دل کے لئے مفید , Common Salt : نمک , Borax : سہاگا , Heulandite : ہیولینڈائٹ دھات , Isinglass : ابرق کا پرت , Hornblende : گہری سبز دھات , Saline : نمکین , Salty : نمکین , Salt Mine : نمک کی کان , Unsalted : بے نمک , S&p : نمک اور مرچ , Desalinate : نمک ختم کرنا , Perchlorate : برکلوریٹ تیزاب کا ایک نمک , Sulfonate : وہ نمک جس میں گندھک کا تیزاب بطور بنیاد استعمال ہو , Urate : یورک ایسڈ کا نمک , Ammonium Chloride : خاص قسم کا نمک , Xanthate : کیمیا صفوری نمک , Sulfate : گندھک , Acrylate : تیزابی نمک

Useful Words Definitions

Amobarbital Sodium: the sodium salt of amobarbital that is used as a barbiturate; used as a sedative and a hypnotic.

Zeolite: any of a family of glassy minerals analogous to feldspar containing hydrated aluminum silicates of calcium or sodium or potassium; formed in cavities in lava flows and in plutonic rocks.

Sal Soda: a sodium salt of carbonic acid; used in making soap powders and glass and paper.

Nepheline: a whitish mineral consisting of sodium aluminum silicate or potassium aluminum silicate in crystalline form; used in the manufacture of ceramics and enamels.

Cream Of Tartar: a salt used especially in baking powder.

Atomic Number 11: a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group; occurs abundantly in natural compounds (especially in salt water); burns with a yellow flame and reacts violently in water; occurs in sea water and in the mineral halite (rock salt).

Caustic Potash: a potassium compound often used in agriculture and industry.

Kaliuresis: the presence of excess potassium in the urine.

Pinite: grey or green or brown mineral similar to mica and containing aluminum and potassium sulphates.

Halite: naturally occurring crystalline sodium chloride.

Saline: an isotonic solution of sodium chloride and distilled water.

Acid Value: (chemistry) the amount of free acid present in fat as measured by the milligrams of potassium hydroxide needed to neutralize it.

Heart-Healthy: of foods that are low in fats and sodium and other ingredients that may foster heart disease.

Common Salt: white crystalline form of especially sodium chloride used to season and preserve food.

Borax: an ore of boron consisting of hydrated sodium borate; used as a flux or cleansing agent.

Heulandite: a group of minerals of the zeolite family consisting of a hydrous aluminum silicate of sodium and calcium.

Isinglass: any of various minerals consisting of hydrous silicates of aluminum or potassium etc. that crystallize in forms that allow perfect cleavage into very thin leaves; used as dielectrics because of their resistance to electricity.

Hornblende: a green to black mineral of the amphibole group; consists of silicates of calcium and sodium and magnesium and iron.

Saline: containing salt.

Salty: containing or filled with salt.

Salt Mine: a mine where salt is dug.

Unsalted: without salt or seasoning.

S&p: Salt and Pepper.

Desalinate: remove salt from.

Perchlorate: a salt of perchloric acid.

Sulfonate: a salt of sulphonic acid.

Urate: a salt of uric acid.

Ammonium Chloride: a white salt used in dry cells.

Xanthate: a salt or ester of xanthic acid.

Sulfate: a salt or ester of sulphuric acid.

Acrylate: a salt or ester of propenoic acid.

Close Words

Potassium : پوٹاشیم

Close Words Definitions

Potassium: a light soft silver-white metallic element of the alkali metal group; oxidizes rapidly in air and reacts violently with water; is abundant in nature in combined forms occurring in sea water and in carnallite and kainite and sylvite.

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