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Practise meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2) Practise, Practice, Rehearse : مشق کرنا : (verb) engage in a rehearsal (of).

Related : Perform : carry out or perform an action.

2 of 2) Practise, Drill, Exercise, Practice : دوہرا کر سیکھنا : (verb) learn by repetition.

Useful Words

Cheat, Chisel : دھوکہ دینا : engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud. "Who`s chiseling ?".

Firing Range, Target Range : فائرنگ سیکھنے کی جگہ : a practice range for target practice.

Twist Bit, Twist Drill : ڈرل مشین میں فٹ ہونے والی بل دار روڈ : a bit or drill having deep helical grooves. "Twist drill on Darazpk".

Involve : شامل کرنا : engage as a participant. "Don't involve me in your family affairs!".

Draw : تصویر کشی کرنا : engage in drawing. "He spent the day drawing in the garden".

Join Battle : لڑائی کے لیے آمنے سامنے ہونا : engage in a conflict. "The battle over health care reform was joined".

Merchandise, Trade : کسی چیز کی تجارت کرنا : engage in the trade of. "He is merchandising telephone sets".

Commit, Practice : کرنا : engage in or perform. "Practice safe sex".

Employ, Engage, Hire : نوکر رکھنا : engage or hire for work. "They hired two new secretaries in the department".

Vege Out, Vegetate : آرام کرنا : engage in passive relaxation. "After a hard day's work, I vegetate in front of the television".

Litigate : مقدمہ لڑنا : engage in legal proceedings.

Spat : تلخ کلامی کرنا : engage in a brief and petty quarrel.

Contract, Sign, Sign On, Sign Up : معاہدہ کرنا : engage by written agreement. "They signed two new pitchers for the next season".

Politick : سیاسی سرگرمی میں شامل ہونا : engage in political activities. "This colleague is always politicking".

Involve : توجہ حاصل کیے رکھنا : occupy or engage the interest of. "His story completely involved me during the entire afternoon".

Target Killer : ہدف بناکر قتل کرنے والا : a person who engage in target killing. "Police arrested two target killer near city park".

Charter, Engage, Hire, Lease, Rent, Take : خدمات حاصل کرنا : engage for service under a term of contract. "We took an apartment on a quiet street".

Roughhouse : بے قاعدہ کھیل میں مشغول ہونا : engage in rough or disorderly play.

Carouse, Riot, Roister : شراب پی کر مستیاں کرنا : engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking. "They were out carousing last night".

Challenge : للکار : a call to engage in a contest or fight.

Sprocket, Sprocket Wheel : دندانہ دار پہیہ : thin wheel with teeth that engage with a chain.

Spree : مسلسل کوئی کام کرنا : engage without restraint in an activity and indulge, as when shopping.

Cabal, Complot, Conjure, Conspire, Machinate : چالیں چلنا : engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together. "They conspired to overthrow the government".

Compete, Contend, Vie : مقابلے میں حصہ لینا : compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others.

Wrestle : لڑنا : engage in deep thought, consideration, or debate. "I wrestled with this decision for years".

Spy : جاسوسی کرنا : secretly collect sensitive or classified information; engage in espionage. "Spy for the Russians".

Combative, Contentious, Disputatious, Disputative, Litigious : متنازع : inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree, even to engage in law suits. "A style described as abrasive and contentious".

Jollify, Make Happy, Make Merry, Make Whoopie, Racket, Revel, Wassail, Whoop It Up : رنگ رلیاں منانا : celebrate noisily, often indulging in drinking; engage in uproarious festivities. "Let`s whoop it up--the boss is gone!".

Preoccupy : پہلے سے قبضہ کر لینا : engage or engross the interest or attention of beforehand or occupy urgently or obsessively. "His work preoccupies him".

High Finance : بڑی اور پیچیدہ لین دین : large and complex financial transactions (often used with the implication that those individuals or institutions who engage in them are unethical). "These officials became involved in high finance and political negotiation".

Bore, Bore-Hole, Drill Hole : سوراخ : a hole or passage made by a drill; usually made for exploratory purposes.

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