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Prejudgement meaning in Urdu

Prejudgement Synonym

Prejudgement Definitions

1) Prejudgement, Prejudgment : قبل از وقت فیصلہ : (noun) a judgment reached before the evidence is available.


Useful Words

Adjudication : عدالتی فیصلہ , Conclusion : ارادہ , Consensus : اتفاق , Hearing : سماعت , Affirmation : عدالت عالیہ کی توثیق , Accessible : قابل رسائی , Warm Up : کوئی مشین چل اکر گرم کرنا , Inaccessible : ناقابل پہنچ , Aphotic : بے نور , High-Water Mark : بلند ترین سطح کا نشان , Sit-Down : وہ ہڑتال جس میں ہڑتالی گھر نہیں جاتے , Meteorite : شہابی پتھر , Aged : تیار , Crete : ایک بڑا یونانی جزیرہ , Greece : گریس , Acquittal : بریت , Eyes : رائے , Drive : مجبور کرنا , Criticism : نکتہ چینی , Judgmental : فیصلے پر انحصار کرنے والا , Admiration : ستائش , Estimate : اندازہ , Judiciousness : اچھا فیصلہ کرنا , Misguided : غلط , Foolishly : بے عقلی سے , Common Sense : سمجھ , Reasonable : معقول , Critic : تبصرہ نگار , Indiscreetness : ناسمجھی , Subject : پیش کرنا , Correct : سچا

Useful Words Definitions

Adjudication: the final judgment in a legal proceeding; the act of pronouncing judgment based on the evidence presented.

Conclusion: a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration.

Consensus: agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole.

Hearing: (law) a proceeding (usually by a court) where evidence is taken for the purpose of determining an issue of fact and reaching a decision based on that evidence.

Affirmation: a judgment by a higher court that the judgment of a lower court was correct and should stand.

Accessible: capable of being reached.

Warm Up: run until the normal working temperature is reached.

Inaccessible: capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all.

Aphotic: lacking light; especially not reached by sunlight.

High-Water Mark: a line marking the highest level reached.

Sit-Down: a strike in which workers refuse to leave the workplace until a settlement is reached.

Meteorite: stony or metallic object that is the remains of a meteoroid that has reached the earth's surface.

Aged: of wines, fruit, cheeses; having reached a desired or final condition; (`aged` pronounced as one syllable).

Crete: the largest Greek island in the Mediterranean; site of the Minoan civilization that reached its peak in 1600 BC.

Greece: ancient Greece; a country of city-states (especially Athens and Sparta) that reached its peak in the fifth century BCE.

Acquittal: a judgment of not guilty.

Eyes: opinion or judgment.

Drive: compel somebody to do something, often against his own will or judgment.

Criticism: a serious examination and judgment of something.

Judgmental: depending on judgment.

Admiration: a favorable judgment.

Estimate: a judgment of the qualities of something or somebody.

Judiciousness: good judgment.

Misguided: wrong in e.g. opinion or judgment.

Foolishly: without good sense or judgment.

Common Sense: sound practical judgment.

Reasonable: marked by sound judgment.

Critic: anyone who expresses a reasoned judgment of something.

Indiscreetness: lacking good judgment.

Subject: refer for judgment or consideration.

Correct: correct in opinion or judgment.

Related Words

Judgement : فیصلہ سازی

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