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Premiere in Detail

1) Premiere : پہلی نمائش Pehli Numaish : (noun) the first public performance of a play or movie.

Related : Public Presentation

Useful Words

First First Of All First Off Firstly Foremost : سب سے پہلے Sab Se Pehle : before anything else. "I felt it for the first time"

Film Flick Motion Picture Motion-Picture Show Movie Moving Picture Moving-Picture Show Pic Picture Picture Show : متحرک فلم Mutaharik Film : a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement. "This is totally bullshit movie"

Performance Public Presentation : اداکاری Adakari : a dramatic or musical entertainment. "They listened to ten different performances"

Drama Dramatic Play Play : کھیل Khail : a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage. "You played a drama"

Public : عوامی Awami : not private; open to or concerning the people as a whole. "The public good"

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