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پَریشانی : Preshani Meaning in English

Preshani Sentences

Preshani Synonyms


Preshani in Detail

1 of 13) مشکل پریشانی : Problem Trouble : (noun) a source of difficulty.

2 of 13) پریشانی : Concern Headache Vexation Worry : (noun) something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness.

3 of 13) پریشانی پریشان کن تکلیف دہ : Distressful Distressing Disturbing Perturbing Troubling Worrisome Worrying : (satellite adjective) causing distress or worry or anxiety.

4 of 13) گھبراہٹ پریشانی مایوسی : Jitteriness Jumpiness Nervousness Restiveness : (noun) the anxious feeling you have when you have the jitters.

5 of 13) بے تابی بے چینی چڑچڑا پن : Disquietude Edginess Inquietude Uneasiness : (noun) feelings of anxiety that make you tense and irritable.

6 of 13) پریشانی الجھن : Anxiety Anxiousness : (noun) (psychiatry) a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders, usually accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic.

8 of 13) گت بری حالت خطرناک صورت حال : Plight Predicament Quandary : (noun) a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one.

9 of 13) پریشانی جھگڑا اختلاف : Bother Fuss Hassle Trouble : (noun) an angry disturbance.

10 of 13) پریشانی بے آرامی بے چینی : Discomfort Uncomfortableness : (noun) the state of being tense and feeling pain.

11 of 13) مصیبت پریشانی : Inconvenience Troublesomeness Worriment : (noun) a difficulty that causes anxiety.

12 of 13) پریشانی : Confusion Discombobulation : (noun) a feeling of embarrassment that leaves you confused.

13 of 13) مصیبت پریشانی : Misery : (noun) a feeling of intense unhappiness.

Useful Words

پریشان کرنا : Disturb , سر درد : Cephalalgia , تکلیف دینا : Ail , اسپرن کا سفوف : Aspirin Powder , سر درد : Sick Headache , مشکل حل ہونا یا کرنا : Trouble-Shoot , مشینی پرزوں کے نقائص معلوم کر لینے والا ماہر : Trouble Shooter , فسادی : Bad Hat , سائنس کا سر درد : Sinus Headache , شقیقہ : Hemicrania , خوف : Care , مسئلہ : Job , فکر : Concern , بینک : Bank , حل تلاش کرنے والا : Convergent Thinker , دنیاوی : Earth , گھر پر حل کرنے والا سوال : Homework Problem , صحت کا مسئلہ : Health Problem , مخبر : Informant , کتاب حوالہ : Source Book , تشویش : Anxiety , قائل کرنا : Cause , شخص : Individual , کوئی چیز : Something , افسردگی : Sadness

Useful Words Definitions

Disturb: move deeply.

Cephalalgia: pain in the head caused by dilation of cerebral arteries or muscle contractions or a reaction to drugs.

Ail: cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed.

Aspirin Powder: a powdered form of aspirin.

Sick Headache: a headache accompanied by nausea.

Trouble-Shoot: solve problems.

Trouble Shooter: a worker whose job is to locate and fix sources of trouble (especially in mechanical devices).

Bad Hat: someone who deliberately stirs up trouble.

Sinus Headache: a headache resulting from congestion or infection in the paranasal sinuses.

Hemicrania: a severe recurring vascular headache; occurs more frequently in women than men.

Care: an anxious feeling.

Job: a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved.

Concern: a feeling of sympathy for someone or something.

Bank: a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities.

Convergent Thinker: a thinker who focuses on the problem as stated and tries to synthesize information and knowledge to achieve a solution.

Earth: the concerns of this life as distinguished from heaven and the afterlife.

Homework Problem: a problem that students are assigned to do outside of class.

Health Problem: a state in which you are unable to function normally and without pain.

Informant: a person who supplies information.

Source Book: a collection of historically important documents published together as a book.

Anxiety: a vague unpleasant emotion that is experienced in anticipation of some (usually ill-defined) misfortune.

Cause: cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner.

Individual: a human being.

Something: An undetermined or unspecified thing.

Sadness: emotions experienced when not in a state of well-being.

Related Words

بھاری پن : Unwieldiness , کوئی مسئلہ : Matter , تشویش کا باعث : Bugaboo , بوجھ : Burden , طب نفسیات : Psychiatry , فکر : Care , شرمندگی : Embarrassment , گھبراہٹ : Willies , حالت : Condition , صحت کے بارے میں خبط : Hypochondria , اچانک خوف : Panic , مصیبت : Hot Water , بے چینی : Malaise

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