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1) Press Clipping, Clipping, Cutting, Newspaper Clipping, Press Cutting : اخبار کا تراشا : (noun) an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine.

Related : Selection : a passage selected from a larger work.

Useful Words

Clip, Clipping, Snip : قینچی سے کاٹنا : the act of clipping or snipping.

Drip-Dry, Permanent-Press : جس پر استری کی ضرورت نا ہو : used of fabrics that do not require ironing. "Drip-dry shirts for travel".

Iron, Iron Out, Press : استری کرنا : press and smooth with a heated iron. "Press the shirt too".

News Agency, News Organisation, News Organization, Press Agency, Press Association, Wire Service : خبررساں ادارہ : an agency to collects news reports for newspapers and distributes it electronically.

Pr Man, Press Agent, Public Relations Man, Publicity Man : عامل تشہیرات : someone employed to arrange publicity (for a firm or a public figure).

Press Box : نامہ نگاروں کی نشست : box reserved for reporters (as at a sports event).

News Conference, Press Conference : اخباری اجلاس : a conference at which press and tv reporters ask questions of a politician or other celebrity.

Depress, Press Down : دبانا : press down. "Depress the space key".

Bear Down, Bear Down On, Drag Down, Press Down On, Weigh Down : دباو ڈالنا : exert a force with a heavy weight. "The snow bore down on the roof".

Press Gang : بحری بھرتی کرنے والی جماعت : a detachment empowered to force civilians to serve in the army or navy.

Plough On, Press On, Push On : آگے بڑھتے رہنا : continue moving forward.

Crush Out, Extinguish, Press Out, Stub Out : ختم کرنا : extinguish by crushing. "Stub out your cigar".

Clipped : کٹی : cut or trimmed by clipping. "A handsome man with a clipped moustache".

Feature, Feature Article : اخبار وغیرہ میں آنے والا فیچر : a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine. "They ran a feature on retirement planning".

Cartoon, Sketch : کارٹون : a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine.

Classified, Classified Ad, Classified Advertisement : زمرہ بند اشتہارات : a short ad in a newspaper or magazine (usually in small print) and appearing along with other ads of the same type.

Contributor : مضمون نگار جو کسی اخبار وغیرہ کے لئے کام کرے : a writer whose work is published in a newspaper or magazine or as part of a book.

Page : صفحہ : one side of one leaf (of a book or magazine or newspaper or letter etc.) or the written or pictorial matter it contains.

Think Piece : فکر انگیز مضمون : an article in a newspaper or magazine or journal that represents opinions and ideas and discussion rather than bare facts.

Masthead : سر ورق : the title of a newspaper or magazine; usually printed on the front page and on the editorial page.

Editor, Editor In Chief : مرتب کرنے والا : a person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication; the person who determines the final content of a text (especially of a newspaper or magazine).

Edition : شمارہ : an issue of a newspaper. "He read it in yesterday's edition of the Times".

Gazette : اخبار : a newspaper or official journal. "Gazette publication".

Newsworthy : قابل خبر : sufficiently interesting to be reported in a newspaper.

Headline, Newspaper Headline : سرخی : the heading or caption of a newspaper article. "I only read headlines".

Want Ad : اخبارات میں ضرورت ہے کا کالم : a newspaper advertisement stating what is wanted.

Ban, Censor : پابندی لگانا : forbid the public distribution of ( a movie or a newspaper). "Geo banned".

Agony Column : اخبار کا نجی کالم : a newspaper column devoted to personal problems.

Headlinese : مختصر سرخی : an abbreviated writing style used in newspaper headlines. "Headlinese is a useful little language".

Print : چھپا : the text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication. "I want to see it in print".

Adolph Simon Ochs, Ochs : امریکی اخبار شائع کرنے والا : United States newspaper publisher (1858-1935).

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