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1) Pricy, Costly, Dear, High-Priced, Pricey : مہنگا : (satellite adjective) having a high price.

Related : Expensive : high in price or charging high prices.

Useful Words

Expensiveness : مہنگا پن : the quality of being high-priced.

Expensive : مہنگا : high in price or charging high prices. "I have to gamble once because my wife is demanding jewelry of gold".

Heavy Metal : بھاری دھات : a metal of relatively high density (specific gravity greater than about 5) or of high relative atomic weight (especially one that is poisonous like mercury or lead).

Jet Stream : تیز رفتار آندھی : a high-speed high-altitude airstream blowing from west to east near the top of the troposphere; has important effects of the formation of weather fronts.

Flourish, Fly High, Prosper, Thrive : بڑھنا : make steady progress; be at the high point in one`s career or reach a high point in historical significance or importance. "Your idea will prosper soon".

Howitzer, Mortar, Trench Mortar : چھوٹی توپ : a muzzle-loading high-angle gun with a short barrel that fires shells at high elevations for a short range. "Two howitzers were destroyed".

Hdl Cholesterol : اچھی چکنائی : the cholesterol in high-density lipoproteins; the `good` cholesterol; a high level in the blood is thought to lower the risk of coronary artery disease. "Hdl cholesterol is good for health".

Alpha-Lipoprotein, Hdl, High-Density Lipoprotein : اعلی کثافت کی لیپوپروٹین : a lipoprotein that transports cholesterol in the blood; composed of a high proportion of protein and relatively little cholesterol; high levels are thought to be associated with decreased risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Recurrent Fever, Relapsing Fever : لوٹ آنے والا بخار : marked by recurring high fever and transmitted by the bite of infected lice or ticks; characterized by episodes of high fever and chills and headache and muscle pain and nausea that recur every week or ten days for several months.

Appreciate, Prize, Treasure, Value : قدر کرنا : hold dear. "I prize these old photographs".

Loved : محبوب : held dear. "His loved companion of many years".

High-Backed : اونچے کمر پشتے والا : having a high back. "It`s a beautiful high back armchair".

Aloud, Loud, Loudly : بلند آواز سے : with relatively high volume. "Speak loudly".

Heights, High : اونچی جگہ : a high place. "They stood on high and observed the countryside".

High-Crowned : اونچی ٹوپی : (of a hat) having a high crown. "High-crowned cap worn in Turkey and Iran".

Conspicuousness : نمایاں پن : high visibility.

North Peak : ۱۹۳۷۰ فٹ بلند : 19,370 feet high. "North peak means 19,370 feet high".

Soar : بلند پروازی کرنا : fly upwards or high in the sky.

Rack : اڑانا : fly in high wind.

High-Principled : اعلی اصولوں والا : having high principles. "A proud and high-principled man".

Lob : پھینکنا : propel in a high arc. "Lob the tennis ball".

Yelp, Yelping, Yip : تیز اور باریک آواز میں چلانا : a sharp high-pitched cry (especially by a dog).

Glorification, Glory : عزت : a state of high honor. "He valued glory above life itself".

Festinate, Hasten, Hurry, Look Sharp, Rush : جلدی کرنا : act or move at high speed. "I rushed into marriage with you".

High-Necked : گردن بند قمیض : (of a garment) having a high neckline. "A high-necked blouse".

Applaudable, Commendable, Laudable, Praiseworthy : قابل تعریف : worthy of high praise. "Applaudable efforts to save the environment".

Breakneck : تیز : moving at very high speed. "A breakneck pace".

Hip Boot, Thigh Boot : اونچا جوتا : a very high boot; used especially for fishing.

High Wire : تنی رسی : a tightrope very high above the ground. "China holds high-wire walking competition".

Aerie, Aery, Eyrie, Eyry : بلندی پر رہنے والا : any habitation at a high altitude.

Extoller, Laudator, Lauder : ثنا خواں : someone who communicates high praise.

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