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1) Prince Of Darkness, Beelzebub, Devil, Lucifer, Old Nick, Satan, The Tempter : ابلیس, شیطان : (noun) (Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions) chief spirit of evil and adversary of God; tempter of mankind; master of Hell.

Related : Religious Belief : a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. Muslimism : the monotheistic religious system of Muslims founded in Arabia in the 7th century and based on the teachings of Muhammad as laid down in the Koran.


Useful Words

Adversary, Antagonist, Opponent, Opposer, Resister : مخالف : someone who offers opposition. "Adversary of the avengers".

Chief, Main, Master, Primary, Principal : صدر : most important element. "The chief aim of living".

Christian : عیسائی : a religious person who believes Jesus is the Christ and who is a member of a Christian denomination.

Evil : برائی : that which causes harm or destruction or misfortune. "May Allah save you from the evil eye".

God, Supreme Being : خدا : the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe; the object of worship in monotheistic religions. "By God! It wasn`t me".

Blaze, Hell : مصیبت : a cause of difficulty and suffering. "Go to blazes".

Islamic, Moslem, Muslim : اسلامی : of or relating to or supporting Islamism. "Islamic art".

Human Beings, Human Race, Humanity, Humankind, Humans, Man, Mankind, World : انسانیت : all of the living human inhabitants of the earth. "Who`s that man standing over there?".

Maestro, Master : ماہر موسیقی : an artist of consummate skill. "A master of the violin".

Faith, Religion, Religious Belief : یقین : a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. "He has no faith".

Spirit : جان : the vital principle or animating force within living things.

Tempter : لالچ دینے والا : a person who tempts others. "Satan is the great tempter of mankind".

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