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Print meaning in Urdu

Print Sentences

These news should not be printed.
I want to see it in print.

Print Synonyms


Print Definitions

1 of 3) Print : چھپا : (noun) the text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication.

2 of 3) Print, Publish : تشہیر کرنا, شائع کرنا, چھاپنا : (verb) put into print.

3 of 3) Print, Impress : چھاپنا : (verb) reproduce by printing.

Useful Words

Classified : زمرہ بند اشتہارات , Edition : اشاعت , Editor : مرتب کرنے والا , Italicise : ترچھے حروف میں چھاپنا , Misprint : چھپائی میں غلطی کرنا , Reissue : دوبارہ چھاپنا , Additions To Esther : آستر کی کتاب میں اضافہ , Stencil : اسٹینسل کے ذریعے چھاپنا , Blowup : بڑی کی گئی تصویر , Lithograph : چاپ سنگی , Lithography : سنگی چھپائی کا عمل , Illegible : جو پڑھنے کے لائق نہ ہو , Libel : کسی کے خلاف بدنام کن تحریر کی اشاعت کروانا , Above : مذکورشدہ , Mimeo : میمو گراف کے ذریعے نقل بنانا , Inscribe : دیرپا چیز پر نقش کرنا , Legible : پڑھنے کے قابل لکھائی , Milline : اشتہاری جگہ کی پیمائشی اکائی , Legibility : خوش خطی , Redact : نظرثانی کنندہ , Copy Editor : وہ شخص جو ترتیب و تدوین کرتا ہے , Redevelop : دوبارہ ترقی دینا , Unprintable : ناقابل اشاعت , Art : کسی مطبوعے میں شامل تصاویر , Agate Line : سطر , Press : پریس , Communication Theory : مواصلات , Offprint : ضمنی طور پر چھاپنا , Libel : توہین آمیز تحریر کی اشاعت , Exposure : تصویر , Reissue : دوبارہ چھاپنا

Useful Words Definitions

Classified: a short ad in a newspaper or magazine (usually in small print) and appearing along with other ads of the same type.

Edition: the form in which a text (especially a printed book) is published.

Editor: a person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication; the person who determines the final content of a text (especially of a newspaper or magazine).

Italicise: print in italics.

Misprint: print incorrectly.

Reissue: print anew.

Additions To Esther: an Apocryphal book consisting of text added to the Book of Esther.

Stencil: mark or print with a stencil.

Blowup: a photographic print that has been enlarged.

Lithograph: a print produced by lithography.

Lithography: the act of making a lithographic print.

Illegible: (of handwriting, print, etc.) not legible.

Libel: print slanderous statements against.

Above: appearing earlier in the same text.

Mimeo: print copies from (a prepared stencil) using a mimeograph.

Inscribe: write, engrave, or print as a lasting record.

Legible: (of handwriting, print, etc.) capable of being read or deciphered.

Milline: an advertising measure; one agate line appearing in one million copies of a publication.

Legibility: a quality of writing (print or handwriting) that can be easily read.

Redact: someone who puts text into appropriate form for publication.

Copy Editor: an editor who prepares text for publication.

Redevelop: develop for a second time, in order to improve the contrast, colour, etc., of a negative or print.

Unprintable: unfit for print because morally or legally objectionable or offensive to good taste.

Art: photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication.

Agate Line: space for one line of print (one column wide and 1/14 inch deep) used to measure advertising.

Press: the print media responsible for gathering and publishing news in the form of newspapers or magazines.

Communication Theory: the discipline that studies the principles of transmiting information and the methods by which it is delivered (as print or radio or television etc.).

Offprint: a separately printed article that originally appeared in a larger publication.

Libel: a false and malicious publication printed for the purpose of defaming a living person.

Exposure: a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material.

Reissue: a publication (such as a book) that is reprinted without changes or editing and offered again for sale.

Related Words

Create : تیار کرنا , Set : حروف چینی کرنا , Republish : دوبارہ شائع کرنا

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