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Prophesy meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2) Prophesy, Vaticinate : پیش گوئی کرنا : (verb) predict or reveal through, or as if through, divine inspiration.

2 of 2) Prophesy, Preach : خطبہ دینا, تبلیغ کرنا : (verb) deliver a sermon.

Useful Words

Prophet : رسول , Afflatus : الہام , Monophysitism : یک فطریت , Augur : پیشنگوئی کرنا , Guiding Light : مشہور شخصیت , Inspire : متاثر کرنا , Muse : روح شاعری , Inspirationally : الہامی طور پر , Betray : غیر ارادی طور پر ظاہر کرنا , Stridor : غرغراہٹ , Out : شناخت ہونا , Confide : راز کی بات بتانا , Manifest : عیاں ہونا , Grin : ہنسنا , Thermograph : حرارت پیما , Divinely : خدا کی طرف سے , Benediction : دعائے حفاظت , Chiromance : دست شناسی کرنا , Heaven-Sent : معجزانہ , Celestial : آفاقی , Holy : خدائی , Commination : عذاب الہی کی دھمکی , Theocracy : مذہبی حکومت , Divine Revelation : وحی , Faith : دھرم , Prognostication : غیب گوئی , Blessed : مبارک , Call : دعا , Illumination : غیبی ہدایت , Inspirational : الہامی , Miracle : معجزہ

Useful Words Definitions

Prophet: someone who speaks by divine inspiration; someone who is an interpreter of the will of God.

Afflatus: a strong creative impulse; divine inspiration.

Monophysitism: a Christian heresy of the 5th and 6th centuries that challenged the orthodox definition of the two natures (human and divine) in Jesus and instead believed there was a single divine nature.

Augur: predict from an omen.

Guiding Light: a celebrity who is an inspiration to others.

Inspire: supply the inspiration for.

Muse: the source of an artist's inspiration.

Inspirationally: with inspiration; in an inspiring manner,.

Betray: reveal unintentionally.

Stridor: a whistling sound when breathing (usually heard on inspiration); indicates obstruction of the trachea or larynx.

Out: reveal (something) about somebody's identity or lifestyle.

Confide: reveal in private; tell confidentially.

Manifest: reveal its presence or make an appearance.

Grin: to draw back the lips and reveal the teeth, in a smile, grimace, or snarl.

Thermograph: medical instrument that uses an infrared camera to reveal temperature variations on the surface of the body.

Divinely: by divine means.

Benediction: the act of praying for divine protection.

Chiromance: divine by reading someone's palms.

Heaven-Sent: peculiarly fortunate or appropriate; as if by divine intervention.

Celestial: relating to or inhabiting a divine heaven.

Holy: belonging to or derived from or associated with a divine power.

Commination: a threat of divine punishment or vengeance.

Theocracy: the belief in government by divine guidance.

Divine Revelation: communication of knowledge to man by a divine or supernatural agency.

Faith: an institution to express belief in a divine power.

Prognostication: knowledge of the future (usually said to be obtained from a divine source).

Blessed: highly favored or fortunate (as e.g. by divine grace).

Call: a special disposition (as if from a divine source) to pursue a particular course.

Illumination: a condition of spiritual awareness; divine illumination.

Inspirational: imparting a divine influence on the mind and soul.

Miracle: a marvellous event manifesting a supernatural act of a divine agent.

Related Words

Anticipate : پیش گوئی کرنا

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