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Proportion meaning in Urdu

Proportion Sentences

The size of the door seems out of proportion with the height of the wall.
A building of vast proportions.

Proportion Synonyms


Proportion Definitions

1 of 3) Proportion : تناسب : (noun) the quotient obtained when the magnitude of a part is divided by the magnitude of the whole.

2 of 3) Proportion, Dimension : وسعت : (noun) magnitude or extent.

3 of 3) Proportion, Symmetry : توازن : (noun) balance among the parts of something.

Useful Words

Disproportional : غیر متناسب , Pro Rata : تناسب کے ساتھ , Homely : بد صورت , Pct : فیصد , Ad Val : قیمت کے مطابق , Brininess : نمکینی , Disproportion : عدم تناسب , Proportional Representation : سیاسی جماعتوں کی نمائندگی , Percent Sign : فیصد کا نشان , Scale : پیمانہ , Size : حجم , Better-Looking : عمدہ , Deuterium Oxide : ایٹمی پانی , Intensity : بلند آوازی , Exceeding : نہایت , Bulk : بڑی تعداد , Attenuate : پتلا ہونا , Redouble : اضافہ کر دینا , Proportionate : متناسب بنانا , Waning : کمی , Waxing : پھیلاو , Swell : بڑھنا , 4th : چوتھا , Appreciation : مہارت , Dimension : وسعت , Little : صغیر , 2d : دوسرا , Infinite : بے حد , Finite : محدود , Big : وسیع , Quantity : تعداد

Useful Words Definitions

Disproportional: out of proportion.

Pro Rata: in proportion.

Homely: lacking in physical beauty or proportion.

Pct: a proportion in relation to a whole (which is usually the amount per hundred).

Ad Val: in proportion to the estimated value of the goods taxed.

Brininess: the relative proportion of salt in a solution.

Disproportion: lack of proportion; imbalance among the parts of something.

Proportional Representation: representation of all parties in proportion to their popular vote.

Percent Sign: a sign (`%`) used to indicate that the number preceding it should be understood as a proportion multiplied by 100.

Scale: relative magnitude.

Size: the physical magnitude of something (how big it is).

Better-Looking: pleasing in appearance especially by reason of conformity to ideals of form and proportion.

Deuterium Oxide: water containing a substantial proportion of deuterium atoms, used in nuclear reactors.

Intensity: the magnitude of sound (usually in a specified direction).

Exceeding: far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree.

Bulk: the property of something that is great in magnitude.

Attenuate: become weaker, in strength, value, or magnitude.

Redouble: double in magnitude, extent, or intensity.

Proportionate: agreeing in amount, magnitude, or degree.

Waning: a gradual decrease in magnitude or extent.

Waxing: a gradual increase in magnitude or extent.

Swell: increase in size, magnitude, number, or intensity.

4th: coming next after the third and just before the fifth in position or time or degree or magnitude.

Appreciation: understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something.

Dimension: the magnitude of something in a particular direction (especially length or width or height).

Little: limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent.

2d: coming next after the first in position in space or time or degree or magnitude.

Infinite: having no limits or boundaries in time or space or extent or magnitude.

Finite: bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent.

Big: above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent.

Quantity: the concept that something has a magnitude and can be represented in mathematical expressions by a constant or a variable.

Related Words

Magnitude : وسعت , Balance : توازن سے دینا

Proportion in Book Titles

The Theory of Proportion in Architecture.
The Divine Proportion.
Leonardo and the divine proportion.
Ratio and Proportion.

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