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Proton meaning in Urdu

Proton Definitions

1) Proton : پروٹون : (noun) a stable particle with positive charge equal to the negative charge of an electron.


Useful Words

Neutron : برقیہ جن پر کوئی برقی بار نہ ہو , Electron : برقیہ , Baryon : بھاری ذرے , Neutrino : طبیعات اساسی عدلیہ؛ ایک غیر باردار ابتدائی ذرہ , Abcoulomb : بجلی کی طاقت , Make : مقرر کرنا , Rh : خون کے ذرات میں پیدا ہونے والے ذرات جو آر ایچ مثبت یا منفی ہوتے ہیں , Thermion : برق پارہ , Integer : عدد صحیح , Zero : نقطہ صفر , Toll : محصول , Head : سربراہ ہونا , Care : نپٹانا , Undercharge : کم قیمت وصول کرنا , Chief : افسر اعلی , Attend : سنبھالنا , Keep : سنبھالنا , Extortion : زیادہ قیمت , Commend : سپرد کرنا , Mind : نگرانی کرنا , Recriminative : جوابی الزام لگانے سے متعلق , Keeper : محافظ , Commission : ذمہ داری دینا , Postage : ڈاک ٹکٹ , Buckshee : مفت کے , Frame-Up : جھوٹا مقدمہ , Captain : پولیس کا امیر , Call The Shots : حاکم ہونا , Management : منتظمین , Tankage : حوض کی گنجائش , Levy : ٹیکس وغیرہ لگانا

Useful Words Definitions

Neutron: an elementary particle with 0 charge and mass about equal to a proton; enters into the structure of the atomic nucleus.

Electron: an elementary particle with negative charge.

Baryon: any of the elementary particles having a mass equal to or greater than that of a proton and that participate in strong interactions; a hadron with a baryon number of +1.

Neutrino: an elementary particle with zero charge and zero mass.

Abcoulomb: a unit of electrical charge equal to 10 coulombs.

Make: charge with a function; charge to be.

Rh: a blood group antigen possessed by Rh-positive people; if an Rh-negative person receives a blood transfusion from an Rh-positive person it can result in hemolysis and anemia.

Thermion: an electrically charged particle (electron or ion) emitted by a substance at a high temperature.

Integer: any of the natural numbers (positive or negative) or zero.

Zero: the point on a scale from which positive or negative numerical quantities can be measured.

Toll: charge a fee for using.

Head: be in charge of.

Care: be in charge of, act on, or dispose of.

Undercharge: charge (someone) too little money.

Chief: a person who is in charge.

Attend: take charge of or deal with.

Keep: look after; be the keeper of; have charge of.

Extortion: an exorbitant charge.

Commend: give to in charge.

Mind: be in charge of or deal with.

Recriminative: countering one charge with another.

Keeper: someone in charge of other people.

Commission: charge with a task.

Postage: the charge for mailing something.

Buckshee: free of charge.

Frame-Up: an act that incriminates someone on a false charge.

Captain: a policeman in charge of a precinct.

Call The Shots: exercise authority or be in charge.

Management: those in charge of running a business.

Tankage: the charge for storing something in tanks.

Levy: a charge imposed and collected.

Related Words

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