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Providence meaning in Urdu

Providence Sentence

Divine providence.

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Providence in Detail

1) Providence : پروردگاری : (noun) the guardianship and control exercised by a deity.

Related : Tutelage : attention and management implying responsibility for safety.

Useful Words

Custody, Hands : قبضہ : (with `in') guardianship over; in divorce cases it is the right to house and care for and discipline a child. "My fate is in your hands".

Demesne, Domain, Land : علاقہ : territory over which rule or control is exercised. "His domain extended into Europe".

Foresight, Foresightedness, Foresightfulness : دور اندیشی سے : providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future.

Option : اختیار : the right to buy or sell property at an agreed price; the right is purchased and if it is not exercised by a stated date the money is forfeited. "I have an option".

Emancipation : رہائی : freeing someone from the control of another; especially a parent's relinquishing authority and control over a minor child.

Goddess : دیوی : a female deity.

Consecrate, Vow : وقف کرنا : dedicate to a deity by a vow.

Orison, Petition, Prayer : دعا : reverent petition to a deity.

Worship : عبادت کرنا : show devotion to (a deity). "Many Hindus worship Shiva".

Hindu Deity : ہندو دیوتا : a deity worshipped by the Hindus. "Hindu deity Shiva".

Atonement, Expiation, Propitiation : توبہ : the act of atoning for sin or wrongdoing (especially appeasing a deity). "Atonement of sin".

Religious : مذہبی : having or showing belief in and reverence for a deity. "A religious man".

Pious : متقی : having or showing or expressing reverence for a deity. "Pious people".

Psalm : مقدس گیت : any sacred song used to praise the deity.

Prayer, Supplication : التجا : the act of communicating with a deity (especially as a petition or in adoration or contrition or thanksgiving). "The priest sank to his knees in prayer".

Ritual Killing, Sacrifice : قربانی : the act of killing (an animal or person) in order to propitiate a deity. "Offer the sacrifice for Allah".

Vow : عہد : a solemn pledge (to oneself or to another or to a deity) to do something or to behave in a certain manner. "They took vows of poverty".

Aengus, Angus, Angus Og, Oengus : محبت کا دیوتا : Celtic god of love and beauty; patron deity of young men and women.

Ahura Mazda, Ormazd, Ormuzd : اچھائی کا دیوتا : chief deity of Zoroastrianism; source of light and embodiment of good.

Consecrated, Sacred, Sanctified : مقدس : made or declared or believed to be holy; devoted to a deity or some religious ceremony or use. "A consecrated church".

Tend : دیکھ بھال کرنا : have care of or look after. "She tends to the children".

Carelessly, Heedlessly : لا پروائی سے : without care or concern. "Carelessly raised the children's hopes without thinking of their possible disappointment".

Care, Give Care : خیال کرنا : provide care for. "The nurse was caring for the wounded".

Thoughtless, Uncaring, Unthinking : بے پروا : without care or thought for others. "The thoughtless saying of a great princess on being informed that the people had no bread; `Let them eat cake'".

Entrust, Leave : کسی کے حوالے کرنا : put into the care or protection of someone. "He left the decision to his deputy".

Fuss, Mother, Overprotect : ماں کی طرح خیال کرنا : care for like a mother. "She fusses over her husband".

Assiduously : مستقل مزاجی سے : with care and persistence. "She worked assiduously on the senior thesis".

Careful, Deliberate, Measured : مناسب : unhurried and with care and dignity. "Walking at the same measured pace".

Attentive : خیال رکھنے والا : (often followed by `to') giving care or attention. "Attentive to details".

Chiropodist, Foot Doctor, Podiatrist : پاوٴں کا معالج : a specialist in care for the feet. "He is was a podiatrist".

Disregard, Neglect : لا پروائی : lack of attention and due care.

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