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Prudence meaning in Urdu

Prudence Synonyms


Prudence Definitions

1 of 2) Prudence : ہوشیاری, دانائی : (noun) discretion in practical affairs.

2 of 2) Prudence, Circumspection, Discreetness, Discretion : چوکسی, ہوشیاری : (noun) knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress.

Useful Words

Rattlebrained : بد حواس , Indiscreet : نادان , Frugality : کفایت شعاری , Discreetly : احتیاط سے , Carefully : احتیاط سے , Heedlessness : جلد بازی , Wary : ہوشیار , Discreet : عمدہ , Carelessness : لا پروائی , Arbitrary : من مانا , Impractical : غیر عملی , Administration : انتظام , Down-To-Earth : حقیقت پسندانہ , Practically : عملی طور پر , Inutility : ناکارہ چیز , Expedient : مناسب , Usefulness : سہولت , Cut-Up : مذاق میں دھوکہ دینے والا , Utilizable : قابل استعمال , Common Sense : سمجھ , Airy : ناقابل عمل , Applicative : عملی , Utensil : گھریلو استعمال کے آلات , Corollary : منطقی نتیجہ , International Affairs : عالمی معاملات , Philander : عشق لڑانا , Quixotic : شیخ چلی , Astute : ذی شعور , Inexperienced : اناڑی , Futility : بے حاصلی , Craft : دستکاری

Useful Words Definitions

Rattlebrained: lacking sense or discretion.

Indiscreet: lacking discretion; injudicious.

Frugality: prudence in avoiding waste.

Discreetly: with discretion; prudently and with wise self-restraint.

Carefully: as if with kid gloves; with caution or prudence or tact.

Heedlessness: the trait of acting rashly and without prudence.

Wary: marked by keen caution and watchful prudence.

Discreet: marked by prudence or modesty and wise self-restraint.

Carelessness: failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances.

Arbitrary: based on or subject to individual discretion or preference or sometimes impulse or caprice.

Impractical: not practical; not workable or not given to practical matters.

Administration: a method of tending to or managing the affairs of a some group of people (especially the group`s business affairs).

Down-To-Earth: sensible and practical.

Practically: in a practical manner.

Inutility: the quality of having no practical use.

Expedient: appropriate to a purpose; practical.

Usefulness: the quality of being of practical use.

Cut-Up: someone who plays practical jokes on others.

Utilizable: capable of being put to a profitable or practical use.

Common Sense: sound practical judgment.

Airy: not practical or realizable; speculative.

Applicative: readily applicable or practical.

Utensil: an implement for practical use (especially in a household).

Corollary: a practical consequence that follows naturally.

International Affairs: affairs between nations.

Philander: have amorous affairs; of men.

Quixotic: not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic.

Astute: marked by practical hardheaded intelligence.

Inexperienced: lacking practical experience or training.

Futility: uselessness as a consequence of having no practical result.

Craft: the skilled practice of a practical occupation.

Related Words

Discernment : عقلمندی سے فیصلہ کرنے کی صلاحیت , Discernment : سمجھ