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Pucker meaning in Urdu

Pucker Sentence

She puckered her lips.

Pucker Synonyms


Pucker Definitions

1 of 3) Pucker, Ruck : سکڑنا, شکن : (noun) an irregular fold in an otherwise even surface (as in cloth).

2 of 3) Pucker, Cockle, Crumple, Knit, Rumple : سکیڑنا : (verb) to gather something into small wrinkles or folds.

3 of 3) Pucker, Gather, Tuck : شکن, موڑ کر اونچا کر دینا : (verb) draw together into folds or puckers.

Useful Words

Rough : ناہموار , Raggedness : ناہمواری , Liner : کپڑوں کے اندر استعمال ہونے والا کپڑا , Gather In : موڑنا , Collapse : بند کرنا , Introvert : اندر کی طرف مڑنا , Buckle : مڑنا , Corrugate : شکنیں ڈالنا , Cross : باندھنا , Foreskin : غلاف حشفہ , Ruga : شکن , Wrap : ڈھانپنا , Omentum : پیٹ کا پردہ , Webbed : جھلی دار پنجہ , Irregularly : بے قاعدگی سے , Unevenly : غیر مساوی طور پر , Jitter : گھبراہٹ سے , Asymmetrical : بے قرینہ , Kangaroo Court : جعلی عدالت , Patchy : ناہموار , Jiggle : ہلکا دھکا , Intermittent : وقفے وقفے سے , Palpitation : دل کی دھڑکن , Uneven : غیر متوازی , Around The Bend : باولا , Bumpy : ہچکولے دار , Babble : غرغرانا کی آواز , Sporadic : کبھی کبھار کسی جگہ , Coat : کسی چیز پر تہ لگانا , Chicory Escarole : سلاد کے پتے , Indent : نشان لگانا

Useful Words Definitions

Rough: having or caused by an irregular surface.

Raggedness: a texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven.

Liner: a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment.

Gather In: fold up.

Collapse: fold or close up.

Introvert: fold inwards.

Buckle: fold or collapse.

Corrugate: fold into ridges.

Cross: fold so as to resemble a cross.

Foreskin: a fold of skin covering the tip of the clitoris.

Ruga: (anatomy) a fold or wrinkle or crease.

Wrap: arrange or fold as a cover or protection.

Omentum: a fold of peritoneum supporting the viscera.

Webbed: (of the feet of some animals) having the digits connected by a thin fold of skin.

Irregularly: in an irregular manner.

Unevenly: in an uneven and irregular way.

Jitter: a small irregular movement.

Asymmetrical: irregular in shape or outline.

Kangaroo Court: an irregular unauthorized court.

Patchy: irregular or uneven in quality, texture, etc..

Jiggle: a slight irregular shaking motion.

Intermittent: stopping and starting at irregular intervals.

Palpitation: a rapid and irregular heart beat.

Uneven: variable and recurring at irregular intervals.

Around The Bend: informal terms for mentally unstable or irregular.

Bumpy: causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements.

Babble: flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise.

Sporadic: recurring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances.

Coat: put a coat on; cover the surface of; furnish with a surface.

Chicory Escarole: variety of endive having leaves with irregular frilled edges.

Indent: cut or tear along an irregular line so that the parts can later be matched for authentication.

Related Words

Bend : تہ دھاری , Crease : گنجلنا , Run Up : سینا

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