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پُرانے حالت میں لے آنا : Purany Halat Mein Lay Aana Meaning in English

Purany Halat Mein Lay Aana in Sentence

Hollywood is reconverting old films.

Purany Halat Mein Lay Aana in Detail


Useful Words

عیسائی بنانا : Christianise , کیش میں تبدیل کرنا : Liquidate , راکھ ہونا : Ash , خفیہ الفاظ میں لکھنا : Encode , معدنی مادے میں بدلنا : Mineralize , لکڑی میں تبدیل کرنا : Lignify , مرغا خصی کرنا : Caponise , مشکل عبارت کو آسانی سے سمجھنا : Decipher , رقم میں تبدیل کرانا : Redeem , خفیہ کرنا : Cipher , اثاثوں کو بدلنا : Immobilise , کیش میں تبدیل کرنا : Realise , نو مذہبی : Proselyte , پودے کی باقیات کو نباتی کھاد میں بدلنا : Humify , ہضم کرنا : Digest , نو مسیحی : Catechumen , کھال سے چمڑا بنانا : Tan , مبادلہ : Convertibility , شکر میں تبدیل کرنا : Saccharify , ابلنے کی حرارت : Heat Of Vaporisation , مادے کو پگھلانے والی گرمی : Heat Of Fusion , وزن میں لانا : Metricate , پیچھے : Back , تبدیل کرنا : Change Over

Useful Words Definitions

Christianise: convert to Christianity.

Liquidate: convert into cash.

Ash: convert into ashes.

Encode: convert information into code.

Mineralize: convert into a mineral substance.

Lignify: convert into wood or cause to become woody.

Caponise: convert a cock into a capon.

Decipher: convert code into ordinary language.

Redeem: convert into cash; of commercial papers.

Cipher: convert ordinary language into code.

Immobilise: convert (assets) into fixed capital.

Realise: convert into cash; of goods and property.

Proselyte: a new convert; especially a gentile converted to Judaism.

Humify: convert (plant remains) into humus.

Digest: convert food into absorbable substances.

Catechumen: a new convert being taught the principles of Christianity by a catechist.

Tan: treat skins and hides with tannic acid so as to convert them into leather.

Convertibility: the quality of being exchangeable (especially the ability to convert a currency into gold or other currencies without restriction).

Saccharify: convert into a simple soluble fermentable sugar by hydrolyzing a sugar derivative or complex carbohydrate.

Heat Of Vaporisation: heat absorbed by a unit mass of a material at its boiling point in order to convert the material into a gas at the same temperature.

Heat Of Fusion: heat absorbed by a unit mass of a solid at its melting point in order to convert the solid into a liquid at the same temperature.

Metricate: convert from a non-metric to the metric system.

Back: at or to or toward the back or rear.

Change Over: change from one system to another or to a new plan or policy.

Close Words

پرانا : Erstwhile , پرانے درخت کے بال : Horsehair Lichen , پرانے وقتوں میں : Anciently , قدامت پرست : Old-Line , پرانے طرز کا : Dowdy , پرانے رسوں کا سن : Oakum , پرانے زمانے کی گہوڑا گاڑی : Buggy , پرانے کو نئے میں بدلنا : Novate , پرانے جہاز کا ڈھانچا : Hulk

Close Words Definitions

Erstwhile: belonging to some prior time.

Horsehair Lichen: any of several lichens of the genus Alectoria having a thallus consisting of filaments resembling hair.

Anciently: in ancient times; long ago.

Old-Line: adhering to conservative or reactionary principles.

Dowdy: lacking in smartness or taste.

Oakum: loose hemp or jute fiber obtained by unravelling old ropes; when impregnated with tar it was used to caulk seams and pack joints in wooden ships.

Buggy: a small lightweight carriage; drawn by a single horse.

Novate: replace with something new, especially an old obligation by a new one.

Hulk: a ship that has been wrecked and abandoned.

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