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پُشتَہ : Pushta Meaning in English

Pushta in Sentence

Embankment of road.

Pushta in Detail

1 of 2) پشتہ سہارا : Buttress Buttressing : (noun) a support usually of stone or brick; supports the wall of a building.


2 of 2) پشتہ : Embankment : (noun) a long artificial mound of stone or earth; built to hold back water or to support a road or as protection.

Useful Words

منڈیر : Capstone , اینٹوں سے دیوار اٹھانا : Brick In , مستری : Mason , سخت اور چھوٹے پتھر : Clinker , گنبد : Vault , چھوٹی آنت : Mesentery , موٹر کی سلاخ : Headstock , دیوار کا سہارا : Bracket , دیوار میں چوہے کا بنایا ہوا سراخ : Rathole , کان کنی : Quarrying , دیواری داسہ : Wall Plate , چمنی : Chimney , دہلیز : Doorsill , کعبہ : Caaba , گزر گاہ : Door , مینار : Pinnacle , چھوٹی کلہاڑی : Hand Ax , پیلدوج : Hopscotch , کوٹنے والا اوزار : Muller , تختوں کا حاشیہ : Dado , دیوار سے جوڑی میز : Console , اینٹ کا ٹکڑا : Brickbat , کچی اینٹ جو دھوپ میں سکھائی گئی ہو : Adobe , سرپرست : Patron , دوسرے پر انحصار کرنےوالا : Dependant , اعانت کار : Subsidiser , بیل چڑھانے کا جنگلا : Arbor , لوہے کی سلاخ : Andiron , کندھے کی پٹی : Shoulder Strap , باڑ : Rail , سیم کی پھلی : Bush Bean

Useful Words Definitions

Capstone: a stone that forms the top of wall or building.

Brick In: wall up with brick.

Mason: a craftsman who works with stone or brick.

Clinker: a hard brick used as a paving stone.

Vault: an arched brick or stone ceiling or roof.

Mesentery: a double layer of peritoneum that attaches to the back wall of the abdominal cavity and supports the small intestines.

Headstock: the stationary support in a machine or power tool that supports and drives a revolving part (as a chuck or the spindle on a lathe).

Bracket: a support projecting from a wall (as to hold a shelf).

Rathole: a hole (as in the wall of a building) made by rats.

Quarrying: the extraction of building stone or slate from an open surface quarry.

Wall Plate: plate (a timber along the top of a wall) to support the ends of joists, etc., and distribute the load.

Chimney: a vertical flue that provides a path through which smoke from a fire is carried away through the wall or roof of a building.

Doorsill: the sill of a door; a horizontal piece of wood or stone that forms the bottom of a doorway and offers support when passing through a doorway.

Caaba: (Islam) a black stone building in Mecca that is shaped like a cube and that is the most sacred Muslim pilgrim shrine; believed to have been given by Gabriel to Abraham; Muslims turn in its direction when praying.

Door: the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close.

Pinnacle: (architecture) a slender upright spire at the top of a buttress of tower.

Hand Ax: a stone tool with a cutting edge; the stone is held in the hand and used for chopping.

Hopscotch: a game in which a child tosses a stone into an area drawn on the ground and then hops through it and back to regain the stone.

Muller: a heavy tool of stone or iron (usually with a flat base and a handle) that is used to grind and mix material (as grain or drugs or pigments) against a slab of stone.

Dado: panel forming the lower part of an interior wall when it is finished differently from the rest of the wall.

Console: a small table fixed to a wall or designed to stand against a wall.

Brickbat: a fragment of brick used as a weapon.

Adobe: sun-dried brick; used in hot dry climates.

Patron: someone who supports or champions something.

Dependant: a person who relies on another person for support (especially financial support).

Subsidiser: someone who assists or supports by giving a subsidy.

Arbor: a framework that supports climbing plants.

Andiron: metal supports for logs in a fireplace.

Shoulder Strap: a band that goes over the shoulder and supports a garment or bag.

Rail: a barrier consisting of a horizontal bar and supports.

Bush Bean: a bean plant whose bushy growth needs no supports.

Related Words

دریا کا بند : Levee , ٹیلا : Hill , دفاعی فصیل : Bulwark

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