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1) Put On Airs, Act Superior, Lord It Over, Queen It Over : آقا کی طرح پیش آنا : (verb) act like the master of.

Related : Move : perform an action, or work out or perform (an action).

Useful Words

Arm : بازو : a human limb; technically the part of the superior limb between the shoulder and the elbow but commonly used to refer to the whole superior limb. "Come into my arms".

Lordship : سرداری : the authority of a lord.

August, Grand, Lordly : شاندار : of or befitting a lord. "Heir to a lordly fortune".

Lord : کسی کو آقا بنانا : make a lord of someone.

Thane : وڈیرہ : a feudal lord or baron.

Manor, Manor House : جاگیردار کی حویلی : the mansion of a lord or wealthy person.

Milord : حضور والا : a term of address for an English lord.

Manor : جاگیر : the landed estate of a lord (including the house on it).

Helot, Serf, Villein : غلام : (Middle Ages) a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord.

Corvee : کمی : unpaid labor (as for the maintenance of roads) required by a lord of his vassals in lieu of taxes.

Compere, Emcee : میزبانی کرنا : act as a master of ceremonies.

Mastership : ہنرمندی : the skill of a master.

Hold Sway : اثر رکھنا : be master; reign or rule. "She still holds sway".

Master In Business, Master In Business Administration, Mba : ایم بی اے : a master`s degree in business. "Have you done MBA?".

Caesar, Gaius Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar : قیصر : conqueror of Gaul and master of Italy (100-44 BC).

Am, Artium Magister, Ma, Master Of Arts : سند : a master's degree in arts and sciences.

Master Of Fine Arts, Mfa : فائن آرڑ کی ڈگری : a master`s degree in fine arts.

Mistress : منتظمہ : a woman master who directs the work of others.

Masterfully : ماہرانہ انداز سے : in a skillfully masterful manner; with the skill of a master. "The young boy played the violin sonata masterfully".

Master : ماسٹر کی ڈگری : someone who holds a master's degree from academic institution.

Ascend : بادشاہ یا ملکہ بن جانا : become king or queen. "She ascended to the throne after the King's death".

Lord Of Misrule : قائد لہو و لعب : a person appointed master of revels at a Christmas celebration.

Kingdom, Realm : بادشاہت : the domain ruled by a king or queen.

Queenlike, Queenly : ملکہ کی طرح : having the rank of or resembling or befitting a queen. "Queenly propriety".

Queen Regent : ملکہ کی قائم مقام : a queen who serves as ruler when the king cannot.

Servitude : غلامی : state of subjection to an owner or master or forced labor imposed as punishment. "Penal servitude".

Commonwealth Day, Empire Day, May 24 : ملکہ وکٹوریہ کا یوم ولادت : British, anniversary of Queen Victoria`s birth.

Queen Mother : مادر ملکہ : a queen dowager who is mother of the reigning sovereign.

Feudatory, Liege, Liege Subject, Liegeman, Vassal : وفادار : a person holding a fief; a person who owes allegiance and service to a feudal lord. "A feudatory fellow".

Hel, Hela : مردوں کی دیوی : (Norse mythology) goddess of the dead and queen of the underworld.

Royal : بادشاہی : of or relating to or indicative of or issued or performed by a king or queen or other monarch. "The royal party".

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