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1 : ناشپاتی کا درخت Nashpati Ka Darakht : Pear Pear Tree Pyrus Communis : (noun) Old World tree having sweet gritty-textured juicy fruit; widely cultivated in many varieties.

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Useful Words

Cultivated : کاشت کردہ Kasht Card : (of land or fields) prepared for raising crops by plowing or fertilizing. "Cultivated land"

Fruit : پھل Phal : the ripened reproductive body of a seed plant. "No root, no fruit"

Coarse-Grained Farinaceous Grainy Granular Granulose Gritty Mealy : آٹے نما Aatay Numa : composed of or covered with particles resembling meal in texture or consistency. "Granular sugar"

Blue Gamey Gamy Juicy Naughty Racy Risque Spicy : غیر اخلاقی Ghair Ikhlaqi : suggestive of blue impropriety. "A blue movie"

Many : اکثر Aksar : a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `as` or `too` or `so` or `that`; amounting to a large but indefinite number. "Many temptations"

Old : ضعیف بوڑھا Zaeef Burha : (used especially of persons) having lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age. "You are never too old to learn"

Afters Dessert Sweet : میٹھی ڈیش Meethi Dish : a dish served as the last course of a meal. "Please have sweet"

Tree : شجر Shajar : a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms. "I had myself planted this tree"

Assortment Miscellanea Miscellany Mixed Bag Mixture Motley Potpourri Salmagundi Smorgasbord Variety : کئی طرح کے Kayee Tarha Kay : a collection containing a variety of sorts of things. "I have brought you a variety of chocolates from London"

Widely : وسیع دائرے میں Wase Daiyray Mein : to a great degree. "Her work is widely known"

Earth Globe World : دنیا Dunia : the 3rd planet from the sun; the planet we live on. "When I told her that I am from Pakistan, so she insulted me by asking me where it is on the globe?"

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