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قابلِ مُطالِعہ : Qabil E Mutalia Meaning in English

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1) قابل مطالعہ : Clear Decipherable Readable : (satellite adjective) easily deciphered.

Related : Legible : (of handwriting, print, etc.) capable of being read or deciphered.

Useful Words

جو پڑھنے کے لیے نامناسب ہو : Indecipherable, Unclear, Undecipherable, Unreadable : not easily deciphered. "Indecipherable handwriting".

صاف طور پر : Decipherably, Legibly, Readably : in a legible manner. "You must write legibly".

جو پڑھنے کے لائق نہ ہو : Illegible : (of handwriting, print, etc.) not legible. "Illegible handwriting".

پڑھنے کے قابل لکھائی : Legible : (of handwriting, print, etc.) capable of being read or deciphered. "Legible handwriting".

جو آسانی سے حل نہ ہوسکے : Insolvable, Unresolvable, Unsoluble, Unsolvable : not easily solved. "An apparantly insolvable problem".

آسانی سے کامیاب ہونا : Ace, Breeze Through, Nail, Pass With Flying Colors, Sail Through, Sweep Through : succeed at easily. "She sailed through her exams".

بزدل : Chicken, Chickenhearted, Lily-Livered, White-Livered, Yellow, Yellow-Bellied : easily frightened.

قابل فراموش : Forgettable : easily forgotten.

جسکا آسانی سے پتہ لگایا جا سکے : Detectable, Perceptible : easily seen or detected. "A detectable note of sarcasm".

واضح طور پر : Transparently : so as to be easily understood or seen through. "His transparently lucid prose".

جس کو آسانی سے موڑا یا تبدیل کیا جاسکے : Ductile, Malleable : easily influenced.

آسانی سے شکست دینا : Walk Over : beat easily. "The local team walked over their old rivals for the championship".

عجیب : Odd : not easily explained. "An odd job".

چھٹکارا پانے والا : Quitter : a person who gives up too easily.

قابل رسائی : Accessible : easily obtained. "Most students now have computers accessible".

جو آسانی سے ختم نہ ہوسکے : Indestructible : not easily destroyed.

متحمل مزاج : Equable, Even-Tempered, Good-Tempered, Placid : not easily irritated. "An equable temper".

آسانی سے بھڑکنے والا : Flammable, Inflammable : easily ignited.

قابل تباہی : Destructible : easily destroyed. "Destructible glassware".

چھوت والا : Infectious : easily spread. "Fear is exceedingly infectious; children catch it from their elders".

قابل رسائی : Approachable, Reachable : easily approached. "A site approachable from a branch of the Niger".

مشہور : Familiar : well known or easily recognized. "A familiar figure".

چڑچڑا : Cranky, Fractious, Irritable, Nettlesome, Peckish, Peevish, Pettish, Petulant, Scratchy, Techy, Testy, Tetchy : easily irritated or annoyed. "Don`t be cranky".

اثر پذیر : Impressible, Impressionable, Waxy : easily impressed or influenced. "An impressionable youngster".

نزاکت : Brittleness, Crispiness, Crispness : firm but easily broken.

رویا ہوا : Weepy : liable to weep easily.

جھلاہٹ : Testiness, Tetchiness, Touchiness : feeling easily irritated.

بے سلوٹ : Crease-Resistant, Creaseproof, Wrinkle-Resistant, Wrinkleproof : of fabric that does not wrinkle easily.

پچکنے والا : Compressible, Squeezable : capable of being easily compressed.

بھاری : Burdensome, Onerous, Taxing : not easily borne; wearing. "The burdensome task of preparing the income tax return".

غصیلا : Choleric : easily moved to anger. "Men of the choleric type take to kicking and smashing".

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