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قلعی کے مُتعَلِق : Qalae Kay Mutaliq Meaning in English

Qalae Kay Mutaliq in Detail

1) قلعی کے متعلق قلعی سے متعلق : Stannic Stannous : (adjective) of or relating to or containing tin.


Useful Words

آنکھ کے بارے میں : Ophthalmic , پسلی کا : Costal , بازو سے متعلق : Brachial , آسمانی : Celestial , سمندر سے متعلق : Marine , غذا سے متعلق : Trophic , انتخاب سے متعلق : Electoral , تقرر سے متعلق : Appointive , کہوپڑی ناپنے کا : Craniometric , تار جیسا : Wiry , دماغ سے متعلق : Mental , فن تقریر سے متعلق : Elocutionary , رمزی : Cryptanalytic , بہائی مذہب سے متعلق : Bahai , بصارت سے متعلق : Ocular , مسوڑوں سے متعلق : Gingival , غذا سے متعلق : Dietary , بظری : Clitoral , چیچک زدہ : Variolar , بلی کی طرح : Feline , نلکی دار : Canalicular , جھیلوں سے متعلق : Limnological , ٹیلی فون سے متعلق : Telephonic , ذراتی : Corpuscular , حرارت والا : Caloric , یہودیوں کے عہد نامہ قدیم مسورا سے متعلق : Masoretic , لعاب دار : Mucinous , ناک سے متعلق : Nasal , بے سرے پن کا : Atonalistic , درجہ بہ درجہ : Systematic , شاعری سے متعلق : Poetic

Useful Words Definitions

Ophthalmic: of or relating to the eye.

Costal: of or relating to or near a rib.

Brachial: of or relating to an arm.

Celestial: of or relating to the sky.

Marine: of or relating to the sea.

Trophic: of or relating to nutrition.

Electoral: of or relating to elections.

Appointive: relating to the act of appointing.

Craniometric: of or relating to craniometry.

Wiry: of or relating to wire.

Mental: of or relating to the mind.

Elocutionary: of or relating to elocution.

Cryptanalytic: of or relating to cryptanalysis.

Bahai: of or relating to Bahaism.

Ocular: relating to or using sight.

Gingival: of or relating to the gums.

Dietary: of or relating to the diet.

Clitoral: of or relating to the clitoris.

Variolar: relating to small pox.

Feline: of or relating to cats.

Canalicular: relating to or like or having a canaliculus.

Limnological: of or relating to limnology.

Telephonic: of or relating to telephony.

Corpuscular: of or relating to corpuscles.

Caloric: relating to or associated with heat.

Masoretic: of or relating to the Masorah.

Mucinous: relating to or containing mucin.

Nasal: of or in or relating to the nose.

Atonalistic: of or relating to atonalism.

Systematic: of or relating to taxonomy.

Poetic: of or relating to poetry.

Close Words

رانگ : Atomic Number 50 , ٹین کے کاموں کا ماہر : Tinner , مزدور : Porter , پترا ساز : Plater , قلعی پتھر : Cassiterite , قلی : Porter , قلعی : Solder

Close Words Definitions

Atomic Number 50: a silvery malleable metallic element that resists corrosion; used in many alloys and to coat other metals to prevent corrosion; obtained chiefly from cassiterite where it occurs as tin oxide.

Tinner: someone who makes or repairs tinware.

Porter: carry luggage or supplies.

Plater: a skilled worker who coats articles with a film of metal (usually silver or gold).

Cassiterite: a hard heavy dark mineral that is the chief source of tin.

Porter: a railroad employee who assists passengers (especially on sleeping cars).

Solder: join or fuse with solder.

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