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قتلِ عام : Qatl E Aam Meaning in English

Qatl E Aam in Detail

1) قتل عام نسل کشی : Genocide Race Murder Racial Extermination : (noun) systematic killing of a racial or cultural group.


Useful Words

تکثیریت : Pluralism , یکجا کرنے کا عمل : Desegregation , ملاپ : Absorption , معاشرہ : Society , باہمی رشتہ : Correlation , یہودی : Hebrew , یمن کا جنگجو گروہ : Aden-Abyan Islamic Army , جرمن نازی ہملر : Heinrich Himmler , او میرے پیارے : Allay Munja Mar Wara , نسل پرستانہ : Racist , نسلی یا مذہبی بنیاد پر الگ کیا ہوا : Segregate , خودکشی : Self-Annihilation , کسی کو گولی سے مارنا : Shooting , قتل کرنا : Do In , جابر کش : Tyrannicide , بادشاہ کو قتل کرنے عمل : Regicide , جائزہ : Exploration , براکا امریکی مصنف : Baraka , بجلی کی قوت سے ہلاک کرنے کا عمل : Electrocution , قربانی : Immolation , مارنا : Despatch , موت جو دم گھونٹے سے ہو : Asphyxiation , سر قلم کرنے کا عمل : Beheading , جانوروں کو مارنا : Slaughter , ترتیب دینا : Arrange , استفسار : Examination , تسلسل سے : Consistently , ترتیب : Syntax , تلاش : Exploration , قتل عام : Butchery , ہدف بناکر قتل کرنے والا : Target Killer

Useful Words Definitions

Pluralism: a social organization in which diversity of racial or religious or ethnic or cultural groups is tolerated.

Desegregation: the action of incorporating a racial or religious group into a community.

Absorption: the social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another.

Society: an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization.

Correlation: a statistical relation between two or more variables such that systematic changes in the value of one variable are accompanied by systematic changes in the other.

Hebrew: a person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties.

Aden-Abyan Islamic Army: Yemen-based terrorist group that supports al-Qaeda`s goals; seeks to overthrow the Yemeni government and eliminate United States interests; responsible for bombings and kidnappings and killing western tourists in Yemen.

Heinrich Himmler: German Nazi who was chief of the SS and the Gestapo and who oversaw the genocide of six million Jews (1900-1945).

Allay Munja Mar Wara: Allay munja mar wara" is a phrase in Sindhi language, which is spoken in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is a traditional Sindhi folk song that is often sung during cultural events, weddings, and celebrations. The phrase itself does not have a specific meaning in English. It is a part of the Sindhi language and is typically used in the context of traditional music and cultural expressions.

Racist: based on racial intolerance.

Segregate: separate by race or religion; practice a policy of racial segregation.

Self-Annihilation: the act of killing yourself.

Shooting: killing someone by gunfire.

Do In: get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing.

Tyrannicide: killing a tyrant.

Regicide: the act of killing a king.

Exploration: a systematic consideration.

Baraka: United States writer of poems and plays about racial conflict (born in 1934).

Electrocution: killing by electric shock.

Immolation: killing or offering as a sacrifice.

Despatch: killing a person or animal.

Asphyxiation: killing by depriving of oxygen.

Beheading: killing by cutting off the head.

Slaughter: the killing of animals (as for food).

Arrange: put into a proper or systematic order.

Examination: formal systematic questioning.

Consistently: in a systematic or consistent manner.

Syntax: a systematic orderly arrangement.

Exploration: a careful systematic search.

Butchery: the savage and excessive killing of many people.

Target Killer: a person who engage in target killing.

Related Words

قتل : Kill , یہودیوں کا قتل عام : Final Solution

Close Words

قتلے بنانا : Hash , حصہ : Segment , قطلا : Piece , قتلے کرنا : Laminate

Close Words Definitions

Hash: chop up.

Segment: one of the parts into which something naturally divides.

Piece: a serving that has been cut from a larger portion.

Laminate: split (wood) into thin sheets.

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