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قوم کا فرد : Qaum Ka Fard Meaning in English

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1) قوم کا فرد ملک کا باشندہ : National Subject : (noun) a person who owes allegiance to that nation.

Related : Soul : a human being. Nation : the people who live in a nation or country. Citizen : a native or naturalized member of a state or other political community.

Useful Words

امریکی قومی پارک : Acadia National Park : a national park in Maine showing marine erosion and glaciation; includes seashore and also the highest point on the Atlantic coast.

ہوائی رنگروٹ : Air National Guard, Ang : a civilian reserve component of the United States Air Force that provides prompt mobilization during war and assistance during national emergencies.

امریکا میں واقع ایک پارک : Denali National Park : a large national park in Alaska having peaks of the Alaska Range (including Mount McKinley) and the huge Denali fault.

خالص قومی پیداوار : Gnp, Gross National Product : former measure of the United States economy; the total market value of goods and services produced by all citizens and capital during a given period (usually 1 yr). "Gross National Product growth in low".

ہوائی کا پارک : Hawaii Volcanoes National Park : a national park in Hawaii featuring active volcanoes. "Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is celebrating its Centennial in 2016".

ہائر نیشنل ڈپلوما : Higher National Diploma, Hnd : a diploma given for vocational training that prepares the student for a career in a particular area; good students may progress to a course leading to a degree.

امریکی قصبے کی تفریح گاہ : Hot Springs National Park : a national park in Arkansas featuring ancient hot springs; bathing is said to have therapeutic effects.

قوم سے متعلق : National : of or relating to or belonging to a nation or country. "National hero".

حکومتی بینک : National Bank : a commercial bank chartered by the federal government.

دارالحکومت : National Capital : the capital city of a nation.

قومی جھنڈا : Ensign, National Flag : an emblem flown as a symbol of nationality.

امریکی نیشنل گارڈ : Home Reserve, National Guard : United States military reserves recruited by the states and equipped by the federal government; subject to call by either.

سرکاری تعطیل : Legal Holiday, National Holiday, Public Holiday : authorized by law and limiting work or official business.

دانا سیاست دان : National Leader, Solon, Statesman : a man who is a respected leader in national or international affairs.

حکومت کی غیر ملکی تجارت کی پالیسی : National Trading Policy, Trade Policy : a government`s policy controlling foreign trade.

اسرائیلی فوجی ایجنسی : A'man : the Israeli military intelligence which produces comprehensive national intelligence briefings for the prime minister and the cabinet.

امریکا کا پرچم : American Flag, Old Glory, Star-Spangled Banner, Stars And Stripes : the national flag of the United States of America. "The national flag of the United States also known as old glory".

کلیسائے انگلستان : Anglican Church, Anglican Communion, Church Of England : the national church of England (and all other churches in other countries that share its beliefs); has its see in Canterbury and the sovereign as its temporal head.

معاشرتی ہم آہنگی : Assimilation : the state of being assimilated; people of different backgrounds come to see themselves as part of a larger national family.

خود کفالت : Autarchy, Autarky : economic independence as a national policy.

امریکی قومی بینکوں کا سرپرست : Comptroller Of The Currency : a United States federal official who regulates the national banks.

عام انتخابات : General Election : a national or state election; candidates are chosen in all constituencies.

جرمنی کی سوشلسٹ پارٹی کا رکن : German Nazi, Nazi : a German member of National Socialist German Workers` Party its leader was Adolf Hitler`s. "Nazi group has ended".

داخلی خودمختاری : Home Rule : self-government in local matters by a city or county that is part of a national government.

ہونائرہ شہر : Honiara : national capital of Solomon Islands. "Honiara International Airport is located on Guadalcanal Island in the Solomon Islands".

امریکی شہر ہوسٹن : Houston : the largest city in Texas; located in southeastern Texas near the Gulf of Mexico; site of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. "My family moved to Houston".

مالٹا کی زبان : Maltese, Maltese Language, Malti : the national language of the Republic of Malta; a Semitic language derived from Arabic but with many loan words from Italian, Spanish, and Norman-French.

ہالینڈ کا رقص : Mazurka : a Polish national dance in triple time.

جارحیت : Militarism : a political orientation of a people or a government to maintain a strong military force and to be prepared to use it aggressively to defend or promote national interests.

کثیرالثقافتی معاشرہ : Multiculturalism : the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country.

قومی ملکیت میں لینا : Nationalise, Nationalize : make national in character or scope. "His heroic deeds were nationalized by the press".

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