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قیاس آرائی کرنا : Qiyas Aarai Karna Meaning in English

Qiyas Aarai Karna in Detail

1) قیاس آرائی کرنا : Speculate : (verb) talk over conjecturally, or review in an idle or casual way and with an element of doubt or without sufficient reason to reach a conclusion.


Useful Words

اتفاقیہ : Casual : without or seeming to be without plan or method; offhand. "A casual remark".

ارادہ : Conclusion : a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration. "The determination of the country`s survival prevent the Pakistani forces, otherwise India would have become a graveyard long ago".

شک و شبہ : Doubt : the state of being unsure of something. "Just because of a doubt that she is double dating he broke up with her".

جز : Component : an abstract part of something. "Jealousy was a component of his character".

کام چور : Idle : not in action or at work. "An idle woman".

ادھر : Over : at or to a point across intervening space etc.. "Come over and see us some time".

پہنچنا : Arrive At : reach a destination, either real or abstract. "We hit Detroit by noon".

وجہ : Ground : a rational motive for a belief or action. "He becomes angry at me for no reason".

دوبارہ جانچ : Reappraisal : a new appraisal or evaluation.

ضرورت کے لیے کافی : Sufficient : of a quantity that can fulfill a need or requirement but without being abundant. "Sufficient food".

بولنا : Mouth : express in speech. "Yet I spoke".

رستہ : Way : any artifact consisting of a road or path affording passage from one place to another. "I`m on the way".

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