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Th : جمعرات , Biquadratic : چوتھائی ڈگری کا پولینومینل , Midweek : بدھ , Biquadratic : چوتھائی ڈگری کی اکویشن , Biquadratic : چوتھائی قوت سے متعلق , 3rd : ثلاثی , Biquadrate : چوتھائی ڈگری کی الجبرا سے متعلق اکویشن , 25th : پچیسواں , 5th : پانچواں , Quartan : معیادی بخار جو چوتھے دن آتا ہو , Zakat : زکوة , 4-Dimensional : چار جہتی , Abomasal : چوتھے معدے کا , Abomasum : معدہ چہارم , Zygodactyl : جفت پنجئہ پرندہ , Heterodactyl : پرندے کا پنجہ , Aelius Donatus : رومی زبان دان , Flying Reptile : ایک نایاب اڑنے والا حشرہ , Heterodactyl Foot : دو ایڑی والا پنجہ , One-Tenth : دسواں , Duodecimal : بارہواں , Billionth : ایک اربواں , Millionth : دس لاکہواں حصہ , One-Thousandth : ہزارواں , Half-And-Half : آدھا آدھا , One-Third : تیسرا , Quartering : کسی شے کو چار حصوں میں تقسیم کرنے کا عمل , Bisection : دو حصوں میں تقسیم , Half : نصف , Cafe Au Lait : دودھ ملی کافی , Equator : خط استواء

Useful Words Definitions

Th: the fifth day of the week; the fourth working day.

Biquadratic: a polynomial of the fourth degree.

Midweek: the fourth day of the week; the third working day.

Biquadratic: an equation of the fourth degree.

Biquadratic: of or relating to the fourth power.

3rd: coming next after the second and just before the fourth in position.

Biquadrate: an algebraic equation of the fourth degree.

25th: coming next after the twenty-fourth in position.

5th: coming next after the fourth and just before the sixth in position.

Quartan: a malarial fever that recurs every fourth day.

Zakat: the fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worship.

4-Dimensional: involving or relating to the fourth dimension or time.

Abomasal: relating to the abomasum (the fourth compartment of the stomach of ruminants).

Abomasum: the fourth compartment of the stomach of a ruminant; the one where digestion takes place.

Zygodactyl: (of bird feet) having the first and fourth toes directed backward the second and third forward.

Heterodactyl: (of bird feet) having the first and second toes directed backward the third and fourth forward.

Aelius Donatus: Roman grammarian whose textbook on Latin grammar was used throughout the Middle Ages (fourth century).

Flying Reptile: an extinct reptile of the Jurassic and Cretaceous having a bird-like beak and membranous wings supported by the very long fourth digit of each forelimb.

Heterodactyl Foot: a bird`s foot having the first and second toes of each foot directed backward and the third and fourth forward.

One-Tenth: a tenth part; one part in ten equal parts.

Duodecimal: one part in twelve equal parts.

Billionth: one part in a billion equal parts.

Millionth: one part in a million equal parts.

One-Thousandth: one part in a thousand equal parts.

Half-And-Half: in equal parts.

One-Third: one of three equal parts of a divisible whole.

Quartering: dividing into four equal parts.

Bisection: dividing into two equal parts.

Half: one of two equal parts of a divisible whole.

Cafe Au Lait: equal parts of coffee and hot milk.

Equator: a circle dividing a sphere or other surface into two usually equal and symmetrical parts.

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Common Fraction : کسر عام

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