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قدرتی ذہین : Qudrati Zaheen Meaning in English

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1) قدرتی صلاحیت قدرتی ذہین : Flair Genius : (noun) a natural talent.

Related : Talent : natural abilities or qualities.

Useful Words

مہر ادا کرنا : Dower, Endow : furnish with an endowment. "When she got married, she got dowered".

قابل : Gifted, Talented : endowed with talent or talents. "You seem gifted".

بے سرا : Nonmusical, Unmusical : lacking interest in or talent for music. "Too unmusical to care for concerts".

نجی اسکول : Private School : a school established and controlled privately and supported by endowment and tuition.

مہکنے والا : Odoriferous, Odorous, Perfumed, Scented, Sweet, Sweet-Scented, Sweet-Smelling : having a natural fragrance. "Odoriferous spices".

تیزی : Facility, Readiness : a natural effortlessness. "They conversed with great facility".

رغبت : Leaning, Proclivity, Propensity : a natural inclination. "He has a proclivity for exaggeration".

سکیڑی ہوئی قدرتی گیس : Cng : Compressed Natural Gas. "CNG means compressed natural gas".

شگاف : Aperture : a natural opening in something. "Aperture of lens".

جعلی : Synthetic : not genuine or natural. "Counterfeit rhetoric that flourishes when passions are synthetic".

آسمانی شئے : Celestial Body, Heavenly Body : natural objects visible in the sky. "Heavenly bodies are planets, stars, or other celestial objects".

قدرتی صلاحیت : Endowment, Gift, Natural Endowment, Talent : natural abilities or qualities.

شاخ : Branch, Offset, Offshoot, Outgrowth : a natural consequence of development.

چھوٹی پہاڑی : Hammock, Hillock, Hummock, Knoll, Mound : a small natural hill. "We setup a camp on hillock".

لڑاکا پن : Bellicoseness, Bellicosity : a natural disposition to fight. "Bellicosity in nature".

والد والدہ : Genitor : a natural father or mother.

کم کرنا : Break Off, Break Short, Cut Short : interrupt before its natural or planned end. "We had to cut short our vacation".

حس : Sense : a natural appreciation or ability. "A keen musical sense".

ماہتاب : Moon : the natural satellite of the Earth. "Once in a blue moon".

مخاصمت : Aggressiveness, Belligerence, Pugnacity : a natural disposition to be hostile.

مصنوعی طریقے سے : Artificially, By Artificial Means, Unnaturally : not according to nature; not by natural means. "Artificially induced conditions".

غیر طبعی : Constrained, Forced, Strained : lacking spontaneity; not natural. "A constrained smile".

فصل کاٹنا : Glean, Harvest, Reap : gather, as of natural products. "Harvest the grapes".

جسم کی نالی وغیرہ : Meatus : a natural body passageway.

خود ساختہ : Factitious : not produced by natural forces. "Brokers created a factitious demand for stocks".

حلال : Lawful, Rule-Governed : according to custom or rule or natural law. "Lawful meat available in London".

انکساری : Unpretentiousness : the quality of being natural and without pretensions.

تپانا : Bake, Broil : heat by a natural force. "The sun broils the valley in the summer".

قدرتی ہوا : Natural Wind : natural wind in atmosphere. "What a natural wind today".

چالاک بنا دینا : Sophisticate : make less natural or innocent. "Their manners had sophisticated the young girls".

تلچھٹ : Deposit, Sediment : matter that has been deposited by some natural process.

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