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Quibble 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Quibble Sentence

Let`s not quibble over pennies.

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1/3) Choti Baton Par Jhagarna چھوٹی باتوں پر جھگڑنا ; Bicker Brabble Niggle Pettifog Squabble Quibble : (verb) argue over petty things.

Related : Fence : have an argument about something.


2/3) Nuktha Cheeni نکتہ چینی ; Cavil Quiddity Quibble : (noun) an evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections.

Related : Evasion : a statement that is not literally false but that cleverly avoids an unpleasant truth.

3/3) Be Tukky Aitraz Karkay Sach Jhoothlana بے تکے اعتراض کرکے سچ جھٹلانا ; Quibble : (verb) evade the truth of a point or question by raising irrelevant objections.

Related : Skirt : avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues).

Useful Words

Argue Contend Debate Fence : Bahas Karna بحث کرنا : have an argument about something. "I don`t want to argue with you"

Argument Statement : Dalil دلیل : a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true. "It was a strong argument that his hypothesis was true"

Differentiation Distinction : Tafreeq تفریق : a discrimination between things as different and distinct. "It is necessary to make a distinction between love and infatuation"

Equivocation Evasion : Taal Matol Karna ٹال مٹول کرنا : a statement that is not literally false but that cleverly avoids an unpleasant truth.

Irrelevant : Ghair Mutalqa غیر متعلقہ : having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue. "An irrelevant comment"

Expostulation Objection Remonstrance Remonstration : Mukhaalfat مخالفت : the act of expressing earnest opposition or protest. "Junaid`s father has objection to his joining a political party as he has been arrested several times before"

Over : Idhar ادھر : at or to a point across intervening space etc.. "Come over and see us some time"

Junior-Grade Lower-Ranking Lowly Petty Secondary Subaltern : کم حیثیت کا : inferior in rank or status. "The junior faculty"

Point : Nuqta نقطہ : a geometric element that has position but no extension. "A point is defined by its coordinates"

Elevation Lift Raising : Ubhaar ابھار : the event of something being raised upward. "An elevation of the temperature in the afternoon"

Thing : Baat بات : a statement regarded as an object. "Do I say one thing?"

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