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Quibble meaning in Urdu

Quibble Sentence

Let`s not quibble over pennies.

Quibble Synonyms


Quibble Definitions

1 of 3) Quibble, Bicker, Brabble, Niggle, Pettifog, Squabble : چھوٹی باتوں پر جھگڑنا : (verb) argue over petty things.

2 of 3) Quibble, Cavil, Quiddity : نکتہ چینی : (noun) an evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections.

3 of 3) Quibble : بے تکے اعتراض کرکے سچ جھٹلانا : (verb) evade the truth of a point or question by raising irrelevant objections.

Useful Words

Remonstrate : کسی چیز کی مخالفت میں دلائلٴ پیش کرنا , Defend : صفائی پیش کرنا , Advocate : تلقین کرنا , Stickle : چھوٹی سی بات پر ضد کرنا , Moot : قانون کے طلبہ کا مشق کرنا , Moot Court : وہ عدالت جہاں قانون کے طلبہ کی مشق یا تربیت کی جاتی ہے , Pettily : کم ظرفی سے , Bicker : لڑائی جھگڑا , Generous : سخی , Carper : ناقد , Spat : تلخ کلامی کرنا , Carping : بلا جواز تنقید , Pettiness : ناتوانی , Grudging : بخیلانہ , Caviler : معترض , Argue : بحث کرنا , Argument : دلیل , Differentiation : تفریق , Equivocation : ٹال مٹول کرنا , Irrelevant : غیر متعلقہ , Expostulation : مخالفت , Over : ادھر , Junior-Grade : کم حیثیت کا , Point : نقطہ , Elevation : ابھار , Thing : بات

Useful Words Definitions

Remonstrate: argue in protest or opposition.

Defend: argue or speak in defense of.

Advocate: speak, plead, or argue in favor of.

Stickle: dispute or argue stubbornly (especially minor points).

Moot: a hypothetical case that law students argue as an exercise.

Moot Court: a mock court where law students argue hypothetical cases.

Pettily: in a petty way.

Bicker: a quarrel about petty points.

Generous: not petty in character and mind.

Carper: someone who constantly criticizes in a petty way.

Spat: engage in a brief and petty quarrel.

Carping: persistent petty and unjustified criticism.

Pettiness: the quality of being unimportant and petty or frivolous.

Grudging: petty or reluctant in giving or spending.

Caviler: a disputant who quibbles; someone who raises annoying petty objections.

Argue: have an argument about something.

Argument: a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true.

Differentiation: a discrimination between things as different and distinct.

Equivocation: a statement that is not literally false but that cleverly avoids an unpleasant truth.

Irrelevant: having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue.

Expostulation: the act of expressing earnest opposition or protest.

Over: at or to a point across intervening space etc..

Junior-Grade: inferior in rank or status.

Point: a geometric element that has position but no extension.

Elevation: the event of something being raised upward.

Thing: a statement regarded as an object.

Related Words

Circumvent : ٹال دینا